Self Care

8 Self-Care Habits To Achieve Your Wellness Goals

Wellness has become a generic term defining everything from health, fitness, beauty, food, relationships, to the soul. It’s a river of information one can drown in or get rejuvenated by. Wellness is the mini steps, you take on a DAILY basis, that transform you from the inside out, so gradually that suddenly one day you realize you look and feel like a totally new you, better than ever before!

Here are a few of my favorite “Things to do”


After readingup on and researching the many food trends and diets I’ve derived the conclusion that balance is the key. Over- or underdoing anything messes with the mind and the hormones. Learn to listen to your body, and it will tell you exactly what it needs.  Simply put: don’t starve, hydrate, eat clean, up the alkaline intake, restrict dairy & sugar. A smoothie binge is the best binge.


Oh, the messy playground of the heart is the toughest plain to navigate. A few simple tricks I use: Step back & breathe! Understand that the most toxic people are the ones that teach you the most.  Judge no one. Let go of the small things. Kindness is key!


The first and foremost beauty trick is self-acceptance! There is nothing more beautiful or more magnetic than a person who radiates a true self-love that says “I love me exactly as I am!” Imperfections only add depth.


You are neither your body, nor your mind….you are your soul. Elevate your energy, elevate your vibe. Daily meditations are a must for this!


I go with my moods, but I always move! It doesn’t matter what, or how much. I sweat out doing the things I love, step by step. Walk, dance, climb, go to the gym, and do yoga— whatever gets me off that couch. I don’t let the fear of perfection keep me frozen. 


I avoid stagnation. Whether it’s reading a book, chasing a sport, listening to the latest tunes, or travelling to a new destination, I ensure there’s something new EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Research proves that this builds new neural connections—the most powerful anti-ageing tool!

Time alone

Every day I make it a point to step back from the mayhem and spend some time with my favourite person: ME! I let my thoughts wander, let myself feel what I feel without censure, and think with my heart. Some of my best ideas stem from those 20 minutes of peace.

Physical space

It’s a scientific fact that the space around us can not only reflect and absorb energy, but also hold on to it! Clearing out negativity from a space — by de-cluttering and/or burning sage or dhoop — is a must to feel lighter and calmer!

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