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9 Benefits Of Exercise Bike You Need To Know

Exercise, as we know it and as research proves it, undoubtedly has a huge, huge benefits to our body. Eating healthy types of food is one thing, working out is another. Exercise, unless your health condition won’t allow, is something we need all throughout our life. The forms may change, but we need it.

Swimming, cycling, and running are some examples of a great cardio workout. But aside from that, there are other indoor workouts that are as effective as them! In your senior years, working out can be a little tricky. There may be some conditions that would not allow you to work out intensely or limit the types of exercise you do.

However, this doesn’t mean we don’t need to exercise anymore! Indoor workouts are a popular choice to promote safety. Here are some benefits of exercise bike that you can get!

  1. Preserves Your Joints

Exercise bike for seniors are gentle on the joints! This low impact exercise will not aggravate any existing condition you have on your joints. That means you can workout with a moderate intensity with a sustainable pace!

Here’s another thing if you have some excess weight, running puts too much impact on your ankles, knees, and hips. Going cycling on an indoor bike can really your best choice. It dramatically decreases the impact on your joints!

  1. Weatherproof

Rain, snow, hail, tsunami, and tornado can’t stop you from working out! You can go indoors, mount your exercise bike, and you can pedal persistently until your sweat a few buckets of water! I mean, can it get more convenient than this? You don’t have to skip a workout because it’s raining or something!

  1. You Don’t Even Have To Leave Home

If you are too busy and don’t have time to go to the gym or go for a jog, an indoor exercise bike can be a great outlet. You don’t have to leave home, and you can do it whenever you like. There’s no special preparation required! Just your willingness!

  1. Shed Some Weight

If you have a few pounds of extra calories in the form of belly flab, working out on an indoor bike can help you take some off! Yep, combined with discipline in your eating habit and consistency in working out, you can effectively manage and lose some weight!

  1. Efficient Burn

Who says you don’t get the same effect as working outside? Well, that’s not true! By adjusting the resistance, you can even do some high-intensity interval training variation!

  1. Develops Your Lower Body Definition

Do you want a well-defined leg musculature? You can also achieve that with an exercise bike! It may seem unlikely, but, tweaking the resistance improves your workout! If you want to develop more strength, you can raise the resistance and do some HIIT.

If you want to develop some endurance, you can set the resistance to moderate and aim to add more minutes to your workout at a sustainable pace.

  1. Inexpensive

The initial purchase of an indoor bike machine may seem like a huge expense. But, in the long run, you are actually saving more. Gym memberships are getting expensive, and you still have to travel to the gym! That’s just a little more inconvenient, right?

  1. More Comfortable

The recumbent bike is a great innovation, especially for seniors. This allows you to comfortably sit with your back flat on a backrest. This recumbent position removes the strain from your back and can keep you pedaling for more minutes!

Some models are fitted with handlebars or armrests for more support. What can be more convenient than that?

  1. You Can Even Watch TV While At It

What do you know? You can even watch TV while exercising. You can watch an episode of your favorite series or update yourself on the news channel! No time wasted! You can even browse your phone while working out. You can check emails or send messages while keeping your heart rate up!

If you are not fond of working out, maybe a stationary bike is something you can start with. You can exercise comfortable without leaving your home! You don’t have to worry about the weather too. It’s comfortable, and you can do it whenever you want!

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