9 Navratri Facts That Only Garba Lovers Can Relate To!

People around the country, are you ready for the dance mania? We bid it a goodbye last year and here it is again everyone’s favourite, Navratri. The entire nation would have their unique way and charm in celebrating this festival, but Navratri, is definitely a “Khushboo Gujarat Ki”!

This is the time to Navratri, the nine nights of Garba, the most awaited and looked after festivals of youngsters. From designer cholis to handsome dudes, magnificent decorated grounds to nerve awakening garba beats, food delicacies to no cap on amusement is what people go crazy behind. Gosh, it is worth taking a dip into the pool of madness, a mixture of devotion to the Hindu Mother Goddess and cherishable moments with friends, family and folk dance. Who wouldn’t love to?

Well, there are nine things without which Navratri can’t be fun and would be a food without salt. Here they are:


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  • Tedious Planning: A tedious pre-planning of Navratri. Ask a girl about her shopping status and be ready to listen for minutes and minutes to come.

Ghaghra Choli Friends - 2

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  • No Repeats Please: Aha, We caught you! Though you have number of Ghagra-Cholis, you would love to try the one your friend owns’. Just to make sure you don’t repeat.

Ma Amba Aarti

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  • Aarti: Before hitting the ground, you praise Goddess Amba with 12 pairs of Aarti, singing about her beauty and victory.

Group of Friends - Navratri

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  • Friends Re-union: A group of friends, you might be reuniting after months of busy schedules

Garba Selfie

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  • Garba and Selfies: This happens like all the time! Taking pictures of each other in varied poses. Well ok, Selfie is trend!

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  • Scanning for Hotties: No matter you are committed or not. Your eyes don’t listen, as it pleases you watching beautiful girls bedecked as goddess getting grooved on Garba beats. Girls, you are no less than boys!

Sanedo Garba

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  • Famous Song: That ‘Sanedo Sanedo…’ song is world famous for every Gujarati. Shu kevu che? Barobar ne?

Clapping hands Garba

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  • Mute: This is it! While performing Garba there’s always a moment when the music is off and all you do and hear is thousands of people clapping in rhythm.

long drives

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  • Long Drives with Friends: How can a Navratri be without long drives with friends post Garba?

Navratri Garba Couple

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  • Love in the Air: Navratri, a festival where people meet their life partners. How many of you met during Garba?

I had these awesome things people do on this festive season, and I want to do the same. I know you have more add on’s to this list, no problem you can suggest me down there in the comment section while I am off to first day Navratri preparations. Aren’t you?

Happy Navratri in Advance with full masti, magic, devotion and love!

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