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9 Signs To Help You Know Your Relationship Strength

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Are you in a relationship, a serious one? Well, it’s always wonderful to be loved and have that special someone to care for you. The special evenings, dinners, holidays, gifts and surprises are just a few tags that remind us of all the special moments of our relations. But sadly, not all relations end up into a ‘Happily Forever’ category. Breakups are painful. For some, they seem to be the end of life. But not anymore! Get up and start thinking if this relation is really a serious one or is your partner simply fooling around with you. Decide the fate of your relation and stay safe from the emotional breakup after effects.

Here are 9 good signs that will help you decide if you are in a right relationship or not. Read them, analyze your relation and find the answer to your relations fate.

  • No Games

Relations are always simple. It is us who make them complicated by considering them nothing but games. For instance, converting conversations into texts, sex into a pleasure game and Love into a give and take barter system; these are just a few common examples of how we complicate a simple relationship.

So, check whether you have conversations with your partner, express emotions easily and talk your problems out rather than bringing in ego amidst the relation.

  • Relation Status

Are you in a serious relation with your partner or is it a mutual understanding for a casual relation? Ask yourself and be clear in your mind of what you want from this relation. Talk about your feelings once you know the answer with your partner and wait for him/her to reply.

If your partner runs away from the commitment, don’t sit and cry for him/her. He surely doesn’t deserve someone as precious as you.

  • Clear and open communication

Communication is the heart of all relationships. The better and easily you communicate, stronger is your relation. At times, we just expect our partners to read our minds. Well, rather than being philosophical, let’s be a bit practical here. Your partner is no mind reader to know your thoughts. If you ant something, make sure you talk about it with him/her. Discuss and talk about the issues. And yes, No Lies or Half Truths!

Clearer the communication, better your relation is with your mate. Always try to keep your relation transparent as glass.

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  • Loving deeds and words

IF you are in love with your partner, express it in words and deeds. Nurture your relation and validate the love with your deeds on regular basis. This doesn’t mean you show your love openly to people by hugging your partner 24 X 7, but instead do deeds that will win the heart of your partner easily.

Whenever you feel like saying, simply say the word, “I Love You” to your partner. Never hesitate to express your love. Similarly, say ‘Sorry’ when needed and ‘Thank You’ to express your gratitude.

So, checkout whether your partner nurtures the relation and expresses his feelings in words and his deeds? If yes, you have chosen the right person.

  • Perfection not an expectation

Every relation is different and imperfect. There is no word like Perfection in a relationship. So, never expect your partner to be a perfectionist. Instead, appreciate their thoughts, feelings and acts of love. Perfect your relation by simply filling in the gap left by your partner.

Check whether together you and your make a perfect relation or not.

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  • Honesty

Consider your relation sacred and worship its honesty. Talk to your partner with honesty about every single matter. Right from whether you like his new look, job, friends or lifestyle. Staying honest to your partner will only help you strengthen your relationship further.

So, be open to yourself and partner both. Break away the emotional walls and enjoy a strong honest and crystal clear relation.

  • Teamwork and freedom

Every individual on this planet is unique and has a different choice of likes and dislikes. When you are in a relationship, you cannot force your partner to like or dislike things based on your personal needs.

In a healthy relation, both partners have the freedom to work equally and accept each other’s differences with an open heart and mind and adjust together to make life beautiful.

  • Personal growth

Love is not about losing yourself to another. It is about growing together for the better. So, when you are in love with the right person, you will grow mentally, emotionally and professionally into a better individual.

Celebrate this growth together and respect one-another’s emotions.

  • Keeping Outsiders away

When you are in a happy relation, feel free to include all your buddies and people you value most. But, when there are differences, keep the matter restricted just between you and your partner. Never let a third party get involved and speak for you. This will only make the matter worse.

So, check if you have friends talking for your partner about a recent clash.

With these points, hopefully you will know whether you have found your special person or are still in search for him/her. Best of Luck!!!

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