A Guide to Chinos – Men’s Favourite Pants

Well, to be a man is a tough job, eh? One of the various challenges is staying stylish. You might choose to get inked with various manly tattoos or grow a beard. However, when it comes to your appearance , you can’t remove dress sense from the equation. As a matter of fact, you can find millions of stylish outfits for men out there, and chinos are certainly topping the list.

Chinos are one of the most popular and relished types of men’s pants because they go really well with so many various things. It would not be wrong to say that chinos should be part of every modern man’s wardrobe.  You can check out the variety in chinos at tommy hilfiger and ensure that you have the best pieces.

Chinos Explained in Simple Words 

Chinos showcase a unique style of trousers and get their roots in the American military. Yes, you read this right. Owing to their tough  and rough characteristics, they were first designed for soldiers. These trousers are formed up of a particular cotton composition that goes well with both the appearance and the usage.

Moreover, chinos are not formal, but neither are these casual. In fact, chinos lie just in between but go well with both formal and informal types of occasions. Being a man, what else can you demand for come on, do not miss that chinos are available in endless colours to satisfy your needs.

Are Chinos Informal or Formal?

In case you are still confused about whether chinos are formal or casual wear, you must clear the air now. As mentioned earlier, chinos is a type of clothing that lie in the middle of formal and informal. And that means you can neat yourself up with chinos for both kinds of occasions. 

Nevertheless, there are some sorts of chinos more formal than others, and vice versa. Stylistically speaking, there are just minor changes between formal and casual chinos. 

Formal chinos

As the name suggests, are dressier and are formed up of cotton twill. You can be sure that you are having a formal chino at your disposal when you witness prolonged waistband closures, slant pockets at the front, welt pockets at the back, center creases and cuffs. Once you look at overall look of a chino, it will let you observe all these things.

Informal Chinos 

Informal chinos, on the other hand, are formed up of wool, and they look just like a duo of denim. To ensure that you are considering a casual chino, you must search for standard side pockets, patch pockets at the back of chino , bar-tacked stress points or rivets, characteristic hem, and flat-felled seams. The casual stitching of this sort of chino also serves the purpose.


So, whatever be the case, you must own chinos because they would make sure you look attractive and smart no matter you are n a formal setup or you are chilling out with your friends in a party.  Chinos are meant for everyone and I you have missed them; you should try them out now.

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