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A Single Mother, A College Professor And A Teacher To Slum Children!

Be it politics, religion, cast-creed, society we live in or the living standards of people in general, we all have our own say on certain things that falls under the above categories. We have argued, debated and also at times have become sentimental on the topics discussed but have we ever asked ourselves, the question we keep raising and discussing? Until and unless you do not begin, you cannot expect others to change! How fit this falls here: “Be The Change You Wish To Be”!

We often say, “Government should clean cities. The officials should come with unique ways to catch hold uncleanness.. blah blah and more blah’s.” but have you ever stopped yourself from throwing the chocolate wrapper on streets?

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This lady I am talking about today, speaks less and talks actions. She may be chitchatting less, she may be debating less on social issues but certainly a reason for change. Ms Daljeet Kaur Saini, an associate professor at a Government Nursing College in Amritsar not only spreading kindness professionally but also works selflessly for the society and its welfare.

As soon as it’s 6 in the clock, there are kids accompanying outside the hostel, where Ms. Kaur resides. They wait for their teacher, educator or say angel who tries to make these kids’ life a little better than what they live. The kids who come to Ms Daljeet everyday are the children of street people, labourers and beggars. They are given notebooks and pair of pencils and pens to write, so that they can learn basics.

These kids belongs to the family who are even deprived of one time food and basic civic amenities. They never knew how to read and write their name but all thanks to Ms. Daljeet, today they can read, write their names along with basic knowledge on Arithmetic, Hindi and English. These kids have become civilized, their behaviours on ground have often made everyone go surprised! They come together, prepare respective seats silently and sit in line with complete exuberance. This is the aura of the lady professor’s company.

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The kids are greeted with a big smile by Ms Daljeet when she begins her class. The emotion is same on the other side as well. The kids cheer aloud, all smiling with their Angel coming to teach them the basics for survival. Having known the importance, these kids perform Yoga and Exercise along with the basic studies. Children praise Ms. Daljeet Kaur of being so sweet and calm to them. They say, they were always laden with unhygienic living and today they are aware of the value that cleanliness have. The kids here not only becoming intellectual but are becoming responsible social beings too.

The journey to teach basics to these kids wasn’t an easy task. Ms. Kaur had no external support to fulfil basic needs to educate these kids, the accomplishment was a gradual process and all she had was her belief. The belief in power of kindness and compassion. Her solicitude towards educating children was so pure and dedicated that people volunteered and external support poured in. Today she has good number of children to teach along with people as her helping hand.

Being a single mother, professor, a hostel in charge, a Phd scholar and many more credits with, she manages to teach these poor kids with no wrinkles on forehead. Be it any time of the day, you will find her energetic packed with enthusiasm to learn and to teach.

Ms. Daljeet Kaur Saini, is one of those unsung heroes who need our support, our encouragement and also the hope that there would be more such Kaur’s for the society. How long will we just sit and crib about things? How long will we sit and expect someone to do the rightful thing? Is this not our responsibility too? Ladies, do something and stand tall in a crowd. Let’s swing into the action and bring a positive change.

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