All About Diamonds (Part 3 of 4) – By Shivraj Gaekwad

The 3rd C – CLARITY

• One of the more important factors when grading diamonds.
• Clarity literally means “clearness” rather than lack of inclusions, and refers to the diamond’s ability to allow the free passage of light without obstruction or absorption.
• Clarity is often called quality which is not the same but not entirely wrong.
• Sometimes also called purity.

Lets see the grades!

table 1 table 2

Comments on the chart

  • The clarity bands from IF to VS could be described as unnecessarily good, or luxury grades. In these grades, diamonds suffer no noticeable loss of brilliance through lack of clarity.
  • In SI1 and SI2, the same comments apply, except that the inclusions are fairly easy to see under 10x magnification, and there may be some, barely discernable lack of brilliance   

The Clarity Grading Pyramid.

diamond pyramid

Examples of Ideal Grade Bands

grade bands

postions of bands



  • “Geologically, an inclusion is “a solid fragment, liquid bubble, or pocket of gas enclosed in a mineral or rock.”
  • In gemology, the definition is extended to include anyother feature of the gemstone which impairs the free  passage of light through the stone.
  • Crack\Cleavage filling : process of filling natural cracks or cleavages with substances that have a refractive index similar to that of diamonds. 

cleavage filling

  • Laser Drilling : A very minute laser beam is used to drill a hole in the diamond till the inclusion. The diamonds are then boiled in liquid to remove the inclusion.
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