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Allowed To Rape Women As Reward – Dark Reality Of South Sudan!

I see there’s no last day to list the problems women face around the world, they seem endless! Every day, when I read the news section I find something to be horrified about. Are the women centric organisations, activists and their rightful campaigns not enough to bring a change? Or People have become so rigid by their hearts and see no humanity at all? I feel sorry for the women of South Sudan and the reason will leave you shattered!

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According to the UN reports, 1300 women have been raped in just one state of ten oil rich states by the militants, who are allied with the South Sudan army last year. The army was the part of government operated ‘Scorched Earth’ policy to deliberately target the civilians for killing, rape and pillage. As per the report, the militia was operated under a ‘do what you can and take what can’ agreement with the army, which allowed them to kidnap woman and girls and rape as long as they want to. They also vandalised  and stole the civilian personal properties – And all these were the Wages offered to the fighters!

“The scale and types of sexual violence primarily by Government SPLA forces and affiliated militia are described in searing, devastating detail, as is the almost casual, yet calculated, attitude of those slaughtering civilians and destroying property and livelihoods,” said UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein.

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Women’s Plight:

  • A woman was reported to have eye witnessed the entire rape and murder of her 15 year old daughter by 10 soldiers after her husband was brutally murdered.
  • Another woman said, she was stripped naked and raped by five soldiers in front of her children.
  • Some witnesses told that women were kidnapped and held as sexual slaves as ‘wives’ for soldiers.
  • Young women were the first target and would be raped at least by 10 men. If a woman tries to resist or even looked at their rapists, they were killed.
  • Reports found that the militias with government forces gang rape on the women and girls, and cut civilians to pieces.
  • “The quantity of rapes and gang-rapes described in the report must only be a snapshot of the real total,” – said the UN high commissioner for Human Rights.
  • The one suspected of supporting the opposition were burned alive, shot, suffocated, cut into pieces, hanged from tree, even the disabled and children not spared.

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Though the government denies any alliance of its soldiers with the militants, it said the report provided is too serious to ignore. Not just women who are being the victims of this horrendous crime but men and children too. Around 15,000 children were abducted and were forced into militias in 2015. Tens of thousands have died and more than two million have been displaced since the civil conflict of December 2013.

All began after 2 years of forming a new country in 2013, President Salva Kiir accused his terminated deputy, Riek Machar, of plotting a coup. Though the latter denied any such activities, he in order to avenge the accusation, formed a rebellious force to fight against the government.

Though the UN had interfered Peace, along with many international peace loving organisations, the brutality seems no end. I wonder, what does politics have to do with people’s lives? Isn’t the government working for the welfare of its people rather form groups to kill the opposition? The plight of the civilians makes my blood boil! Hope these disputes all over the world ceases, and we will find how many innocent lives living their life.

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