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Are Contraceptive Pills Safe?

Are you worried about unexpected conceiving? Then take precautions before having an intercourse or consume the after pills to avoid pregnancy. The choice is all yours! However, amongst these choices, a large majority of women prefer consuming the birth control pill. These pills, when consumed as directed, can help you avoid an unwanted pregnancy up to 99.9%.

These pills contain estrogen and progestin which stops the ovary from releasing an egg if it is consumed every day. But it also has its own range of pros and cons.

There are various pills available in the market, each promising you zero side effects and full protection from pregnancy. But, before choosing make sure you consult your doctor.

There are some important points to be considered before you opt for these combination pills. Pros of Contraceptive Pills:

  • It may reduce headaches that occur during periods.

  • May reduce pimple formation.

  • May make your menstruation light and regular, also decreasing menstrual cramps.

  • It can reduce the risk of cancerous growth in the uterus, ovaries and thyroid gland.

  • It can also lower swellings in the pelvis.

Cons of Contraceptive Pills:

Apart from the above mentioned advantages, these pills also have certain disadvantages, which include:

  • Have the tendency to increase ‘heart attacks’ and blood clots going to the lungs.

  • Mood swings and depression may increase.

  • Some pills lead to hormonal imbalance, causing weight gain.

  • Increases risk of developing blood clots in women, who smoke.

  • Low sex drive.

  • Sore breasts, headaches, nausea.

  • Irregular bleeding.

So, before you start consuming a contraceptive to avoid pregnancy, make sure you consult a doctor for the best suggestions.

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