Are You Thinking Of Applying For Citizenship In The United States?

If your goal involves moving to a different country or looking for a possibility in the world marketplace, then you are going to need a professional certified translation service to help forge and reinforce your foundation in a new nation.

You need a professional translation service that guarantees highly accurate and affordable translation with the quickest turnaround time for effective communication. This is even more important when you are planning to immigrate, where only a company holding immigration translation certification can guarantee that your documents get accepted in one go.

But the increasing demand for translation services has led to amateurs and counterfeiters duping unsuspecting businesses into sub-par translation services and scams.

We bring to you five red flags that you should watch out for in unprofessional translation service, overlooking which can significantly cost your business in the long run:

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An unprofessional translation company will mostly use an automatic translator so that they can mint money in less time. How can you identify the work of an automatic translator? The sentences would lack meaning because the translator took and translated every word literally. Look for a company that doesn’t just rely upon the machine translation but has a team of certified professionals to review the document for accuracy and quality.

    Again, if an automatic translator is used, it won’t be sensitive to the cultural differences, which might land your document and the business in a soup with the audience of the particular nation. Different words have different meanings in different parts of the world. What might not be an issue in a nation could be offensive to others. A professional translation company understands and is careful of nationalities, cultures, and languages.
    Proofreading and document review is what makes a translation accurate. An unprofessional service will not bother looking into grammatical aspects that make a content correct and clear. Furthermore, you will find the document lacking formatting, which would lead to wastage of time and money, tarnishing your reputation.
    Make sure that the company is registered and has all the necessary papers required for business licensing. How does that affect you? FirstlyFirstly, translation is a critical matter; you don’t want a shady company handling it. Secondly, what if the business is penalized or their license is canceled, and you have a bulk load of time-bounded document to translate for a client? Assuming you don’t want that, make it a point to ask for the registration papers before you discuss the prospect with them.
    A translation service should be cooperative, collaborative, and willing to initiate a round of Q/A before the project starts so that they are able to deliver desired results. If they are not pro-active with how the things are going and submit an erroneous document, you need to put that out. If despite raising the concern, you see no difference, its time you move to a professional and certified translation service.

The translation service you hire should be certified and preferably a member of the American Translator Association that can ensure you an international reach so that the fear of miscommunication doesn’t stop you from expanding your operations to different nations.

Why do we stress on consulting a member of the American Translation Association?

Because the associated professional translation service comes with the knowledge and experience to understand the requirements of business spanning industries. They will make sure that any correspondence with the prospective client is made concisely and comprehensively.

Members of ATA will make sure that every document is translated, keeping into consideration the global regulations and standards. This will save your business from false impersonation and any legal hassle.

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