I Was Asked To Pay Rent In My Husband’s House. Wasn’t That Mine Too?

One of the main reasons feminism was born is, broken marriages where woman is the victim. We have heard them all, mainly for the dowry greed, blaming woman for having bad financial time, expectation of a boy child etc. which more or less affects each and every person of the family besides a couple in a marriage. But this unique case where her husband is hers but is being snatched away by his parents in greed of money, not just dowry but also rent! Yes, Rent for the days she lived with her husband at her in-laws!!

She was happily living all her dreams with her husband in mutually co-ordinated relationship by their families. Everything was on the right, a newly wed couple, love between them, time they spent roaming here and there, food they drooled upon together on streets, and living them all again until one day her father-in-law called her husband and asked for credit card, Debit cards, bank documents and even his salary so that his only pampered son learns how to save money!

Soon, she was threatened to give away her valuables, bank details, and everything that they asked from her husband. Her parents were forced to incur debts, give away their valuables and sell off their properties to meet the demands of her in-laws. For questioning anything, she was told,“We are the goons, we know minister’s, you better not speak and answer back.” This created a lot of misunderstanding and communication gap between her and her husband, who was always in a dilemma to be on his parents or his wife’s side. Her parents-in-law’s never gave a thought that their son would learn monetary management if given freedom than giving 80-100 INR as a pocket money.

Upon given suggestion to tackle the situation, she was told,  “characterless”, “witch” , “ultra-modern.” Her life was silent like still water, her dreams shattered. There was no one in the house who could understand the liberty a couple should get, a decision making right a person should have. With expectation to be helped, she reached her new friends who were good old friends of her husband but little did she knew that, that wasn’t the right thing she just did. Instead of helping the matter they made it worst, they approached her husband and said  “your wife is making your personal issue public and is telling things to us”.

Her husband was brainwashed by his friends and family and he took no second decision but asked her to leave the house. His parents abused her that she is not contributing to the house at all. Before kicking her out of the house, her in-laws demanded “rent for the days she stayed with them”.

She did not give up, she knew her husband would understand if given a chance to talk to him. Though 4-5 counseling sessions that she arranged for him, he did not listen the right way, gave up and asked her to part the ways with him. While she wasn’t able to swallow the harsh reality that just struck her life, her in-laws called her relatives and said, “Our son will never get her back, your daughter is an over-educated girl, such education doesn’t apply to household issues.”

They split their happy life just because of his parents, who stood stubborn as a wall between them. In-laws should understand, a woman has just began a new life and should be given a freedom along with her husband. The greed, the ego, their unhappiness tarnished everything. How can any family, who claims to accept the bride as their daughter now demands rent to live in the house they lived? Unbelievable it is! Instead of accumulating everything their son and daughter-in-law had, they should have let them manage it, to learn and live in those hard days in future where they will have to make decisions for life.

Today, she works for an educational firm,  more confident than ever and more happier than she used to be.

Featured Image Source: c2.staticflickr.com

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