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Why Can’t I Stay With My Parents After Marriage?

I am a single child. Grown-up with all the independence. Highly pampered. I remember those fresh memories when appearing for my MBA exams my daddy used to help me to wear my socks and footwear. My mom has kept me off the kitchen as she thinks that I am not meant to stay inside the Four walls of house and Kitchen handling is something that I will learn gradually.

I used to stay awake till late night at 3 a.m in the morning studying and sipping the freshly made coffee lying on my table with a few snacks which my Mom would give me with a wide smile, despite of her sleepy eyes that were not willing to wake up. She would wake up from her slumber only to make coffee assuring that I stayed fresh. Well, these are just a few of the instances that I have shared. There are so many others as well, that reveals my parent’s unconditionally love for me.


Today, I am independent enough to take care of my parents and myself too. I have everything but something in the eyes of the society, I am incomplete. At the age of 28, I am still single whereas all my cousin sisters and friends have at-least one baby. But, thanks to my mom, who is able to justify my living and they support me in all the possible ways.

Is marriage so IMPORTANT? Why can’t I stay single as much as I want? Why does a GIRL always have to make a move out of her comfort zone? Why She has to stay with a Guy’s family? And Most Importantly What Is WRONG If A MALE Stay’s at his Wife’s RESIDENCE after we get hitched? Or Rather, Why can’t Both the parents stay together with the newly married?

These questions are unanswered by majority of us. Even at times, my mom with a lot of pressure says that even a King’s Princess of any dynasty has to get married and go to another palace and even God’s got married the same way. Why are you so DIFFERENT?

And I Just have one sentence to say, “Mom & Dad I never would like to stay away from you”. It’s very difficult for me to step out of my house and stay with another family. Because, my parents have done a lot for me and the attachments are such that makes me lively all the time. So, if at all I get married and stay with another family, it would be just for the sake of staying with them, which I do not want to do.

I will not force anyone to come and stay with parents. But, someday I will surely find someone who is ready to move out of HIS comfort zone and step his foot at my place which is nothing less than an adorable place for him to reside. Till now I have got rejected 56 times just because I request the person approaching me for marriages to STAY at MY residence. I was into 2 very strong & serious relationships but with the society’s pressure and other silly excuses, I lost the Love of my life. In spite of all this, the man whom I now love and wish to get married soon, he is ready to stay with my family at my place. But what I fail to understand is, Why does the society have to make the final decision? Am I doing some CRIME? No! Then, Why is this society not letting the people live the way they wish to? Can’t two people stay in peace with both their parents under a roof?

It’s high time that people must change their perception. If WOMEN at large would change their perception, then I am sure there would be no society left to BLAME them. We have not yet raised our VOICE for our Wish! I hope the Society understands and accepts the Change!

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