I Wish I Could Omit The Teenage Days Of My Life – Gungun Verma!

I am born and brought up in a wonderful place called Dehradun. The scenic beauty would conquer your heart but the truth is something that would shake you from within. Today the scenario is different. People have become brand conscious which includes kids as well. Teenage is something that would teach you so many things that you would remember for the rest of your life but my fate is different. I simply would like to omit the teenage part of my life.

I am a very friendly person who is as beautiful as others in my classroom. I am a very bright student and always rank among the top 5 in my class. But still, I am looked down by my own class mates. More than studies here my class mates are more into overdose of fashion and other dating issues.

mom n me

I sit on the first bench and my notes are always up-to-date. I am intelligent but I do not have much knowledge about fashion. I wear clothes that are comfortable, fashionable or not. I do not go to parlor as I find it a bit scary. My mom waxes my hands and legs and I feel most comfortable with it. I hate make-up and eyebrows. I have thick eyebrows and I am comfortable in my own skin.

But, girls and boys of my class give preference to fashion, make-up, dating and what not. In my eyes, those things are not bad but I would like to do it on a later stage of my life. School is not a medium to show-off. We come here to study and gain knowledge. Even my teachers do not say anything but indirectly support me.

I am just considered a boredom as I do not put lip balm or any other colorful gloss to make my lips shine. Neither I put Kajal nor I use deodorant rather just put powder which is sufficient. And yes, I do not stink!

For me, studies are important rather than expensive perfumes and other fashionable goods. My classmates call me behenji and there is much of a group in the class. I feel being ignored and that is the reason I feel low most of the time. I am well pampered at my home as I have loveable parents who always encourage me to be myself but somewhere down the line, I feel very humiliated. I also wish my friends to praise me , I wish to go out and hangout with them but they hardly invite me and keep on gossiping wrong things about me. I hope I overcome this phase of my life and concentrate on just myself and my studies. But, I keep asking myself why am I called Behenji? Just because I don’t date, I have low Fashion Skills and I am sincere in my studies…. should I be called a Behenji?

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