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The Bra Dilemma – When It’s Time To Say Goodbye??

Bras are an investment to our wardrobe, but not many of us know how long to expect a quality bra to last us.  We continue to have them in our wardrobe, much after they have delivered their best and need to be put to rest. A good quality bra’s shelf life, ideally is between 6 and 9 months or roughly 100 wears.

However, there are a number of factors that can either shorten or lengthen the life of your bra.

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Size change: If you have put on/lost weight and your bra size has changed,  please check for your size again and invest in new bras, instead of trying to fit yourselves in ones that are not your size.

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Quality: Good quality bras, made from better materials will last longer. Thus, when you purchase, focus on the quality of bras rather than price.

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How often you wear it: If you wear a bra everyday for several weeks, the bra’s lifespan will be seriously shortened because you are not giving the elastic time to snap back.  Even if you only have two bras in rotation, you will notice those bras tend to wear out around the six month mark simply because of how much wear they receive.

I recommend having 3-4 different bras you can rotate if you want to prolong the wear of your bras. Even if you haven’t worn a bra that often, but have had it for over 2 years, please replace it, as it has lost all it’s elasticity.

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Care: A bra once put in the washing machine, is dead. It looses it’s elasticity (thanks to the tumble in the machine) and will not give you any support or become shapeless. Hand washing bras makes them last much longer.

So, go take a look at your bra wardrobe and replace the ones that need to be retired.  It’s time you upgraded your range.

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