6 Must Know Bra Facts For Women – Arpita Ganesh

Women and bra are two inseparable terms. Every woman thinks she knows A to Z about bras and how to choose the best one for herself. But, unfortunately, it is just a myth. Almost 95% women are unaware about their right bra size. Surprised? Well, this is a fact and here 6 similar facts about bras that all women must know. Hence, to help all you women fit more comfortably into your bras’ here 6 must know facts.

95% women are unaware of their right bra size

Did you know that the market offers us about 175 bra sizes, starting from 22 to 50 in band size and including the AA to M cup size? This means that you need to know which size is perfect for you, from amidst this 150-175 sizes. So, are you aware about your bra size? Well, if not, it is one tedious task to know which size is perfect for you. This gets more difficult because the market offers us only sizes between 32 and 36 in band sizes and between A to D cup size.

This is where you need the help of a professional bra fitter. As a result, almost all women go by their instincts and wear the size they think is right. A professional bra fitter is aware about all the bra sizes and which bra will help you look perfect and in shape. Also, she can help you buy the right size for your next shopping sessions.

A perfect sized bra makes you look taller and also drop a size in your dress

A perfectly fitting bra uplifts your chest, adding proper shape and also reducing the fat bulge in your waist. Also, as it supports your chest rightly, you look taller with your shoulder pointing out straight. This gives you the right body posture and look taller. So, if you still are not wearing the right size, make sure you buy one soon and see the difference in your body posture.

Gaining or Losing Weight means a change in your bra size

A gain or loss of 2.5 kg or more in your body weight directly means that your bra size will also increase or decrease. If your body weight fluctuates more frequently, take the help of a professional bra fitter and get your current size checked instead of wearing a wrong size.

Durability of a bra

Branded and designer bras have a durability of about 100 washes, whereas the cheaper ones may not last for more than 3 washes. The size of these bras changes after these many washes. Thus, it is suitable to discard them and buy new bras based on your current size.

Avoid white under white – The cardinal sin

Most women wear a white bra under a white dress. Do you wear it as well? This is a common mistake and should be avoided. It is a rule not to wear a white bra under a white or any other light colored clothes. Your bra will always show up. Instead, always wear mochas, plums, skin or nude colored bras. These colors don’t show up under such light colored clothes. Also, these colors don’t draw attention and keeps the focus on your dress and not the bra.

Usually your Left breast is larger than the right side

This is one of the most surprising facts. And yes, it is extremely true. There are very rare women who claim to have perfect breasts. Mostly, one of the breasts (mostly the left one) is bigger than the other. So, when you are buying a bra, make sure you buy based on the bigger one, instead of the smaller breast.

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