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Basic Breast Care Tips For Every Woman In Thirties! 

Having healthy, beautiful breasts is every woman’s desire. Yet many ladies tend to overlook the necessity to pay due awareness to their well-being. With so many urgent things that draw her attention, caring for her upper torso beauties would be the last thought in her mind. Nevertheless considering her way of living, aging, climatic conditions and other rising fitness conditions, caring for breasts should also be equally essential for a woman. Few basics could be done for their healthiness:

1. Wearing The Right Bra:

Though a girl in her 30’s knows much about the suitable and comfortable personal inner wears, with time and living styles her body shape may alter. Wearing a perfect bra is a must.

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2. Being Without Bra Is Relaxing:

Whenever you can avoid wearing a bra, please do so. Wearing a well cushioned sporty one, once in a way would be a welcome change.

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3. Seldom Rubdown Feels Great:

Once in a fortnight or in a month massaging the breasts, make them feel great and remain in form.  

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4. Personal Check-Up:

Staying alert about one’s physique is always good. Check your ‘girls’ every third month to ascertain their wellness.

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5. Nourishing Diet:

In thirties when you feel less energetic, have vegetables and fruits to increase your energy level and also to boost your ‘breasts’ healthful condition.

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6. Moist Breasts Are Full of Health:

Use moisturizers to keep your breast smooth, full of health, fresh and without blemishes.

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7. Tobacco Is Harmful:

Tobacco in any form is bad. It causes ageing earlier than the due course of time. Moreover it makes your breasts droopy. Give up the practice and enjoy good health.

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8. Protection From Warmth:

The flimsy materials of swimsuits or being without bras do not stop your breasts from tanning. So use sufficient umbrellas or screens to safeguard them from direct sun.

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9. Natural Breasts Are Beautiful:

As far as possible do not opt for any surgical inserts as they can cause many disturbances to a normal healthy body. To rectify these unwanted problems additional medical interference have to be tolerated. Being natural is always better.

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10. Annual Check-ups Advised:

Mid thirties and above, ladies should get their annual mammograms done as a precautionary step to be assured of their breast health.

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11. Exercising is Healthy:

Saggy breasts may be caused due to age or various other reasons. The best way to get around the condition would be to do few workouts and keep your breasts firm.

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Little Research:

  • According to Medical fitness experts, few alterations may occur due to pregnancy and post delivery. Once a woman stops breast feeding the size of the breasts may reduce from her normal size.
  • Some ladies complain of ‘breast pain’. This condition is because of a few modifications in the hormones and is not harmful. It can be tackled easily by reducing the coffee intakes, by taking mild ‘evening primrose oil’; in acute conditions the physicians may recommend medicines like ‘Danazol’
  • Wearing a good ‘exercise bra’ will avert further sagging of breasts. The best information is – only 5% women below forties are prone to ‘Cancer’.

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