Be A Proud Woman, Be The Change For Yourself And For Society!

Being born in a patriarchal society is not bad but not good either, why? Remember equalitarian? The term appeared lately, has its influence on only few. You know they say, Men Are Men, They are superior! Really? What made them superior? Who made them after all?

If women in India are not safe, who created this situation? Just Men? No, I do not think so, It’s us, our parents, our siblings, our mentality and behaviour on certain subjects like sex, menstruation, respect etc. Women are considered inferior, in some caste and communities they are just considered a live object of procreations, they are beaten up, raped, tortured and if came forward with a raised word, they are called shameless and are abandoned! (Though online media is spreading the women power rapidly!)

Can this situation change? Will men ever consider women as equal as them? Yes, they will. Yes, things can change, if combine enforcement and implementation is considered a serious business: How? We have few Mantras!

  1. Make Them Want A Baby Girl!

Next time you hear an aunty blabbering, “We want a baby boy from my daughter-in-law… you know girl has to leave one day, he is the boy who will fill our stomach INTERRUPT her! Post a lecture, do not forget to tell her about Women Iconic Examples living in India!

  1. Proud Periods!

If required, do not be ashamed to tell your brother that you are in period! There is nothing to be ashamed of, life exists on that reason.

  1. Make Men Used To!

Wear what is comfortable for you: Frocks, shorts, Salwar-Kameez, Skirt, Denims or Pajamas. Let your family men see you that way, make them familiar to it, so that when they are out, they do not stare, chase or abuse other women.

  1. Sex Is Natural, Let It Be Natural!

Do not hesitate to talk generally about sex within the family! Be it a talk filled with humor, knowledge, information or just making fun of sister’s or brother’s wedding. There is no harm in talking natural about the most natural thing of living things!

  1. Demand The Rightful!

Education, Ask it to be given equally! Do not tolerate “You are girl, you will have to cook food at home anyway, no need to study!”

  1. Become The First Follower!

Make sure your language with other women at your house is respectful. Treat them equally, do not consider them the sole responsible person to maintain the house chores.

  1. Define Them Equality!

There is no harm in helping your female members of the family. Demand domestic help from your father, brother or husband.

  1. Cut In Between!

Any conversation defaming women’s respect, cut in between and tell your male family members, friends, why they are wrong.

I know the mantras mentioned above is a mammoth task and it is definitely going to take years to change. But, if done seriously nothing is impossible! There would be year when our kids and grandkids will see no crime against women.

Image Source: crossdresserheaven.com

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