Boosting Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant!

The blessings of starting a family are many. You’ve talked about it with your husband and you want to start trying for a baby. Congratulations! But there is some work to do between deciding to conceive a child and getting the deed done.

What can you do to boost your chances of getting pregnant?

pregnancy– If you are thinking about becoming a mother, you want to be in the best health you can. Getting enough vitamins and minerals is always important, especially folic acid which helps avoid different birth defects and is best started up to three months before conceiving.

– Being overweight can cut your chances of getting pregnant and getting in shape helps for a healthier pregnancy and better health for you when the baby is born. But being underweight can also prevent conception and a healthy pregnancy, so take care of yourself and don’t overdo it.

– Stopping smoking is essential during the pregnancy, so if that’s something you need to give up, you might as well get started now. Smoking by the mother can inhibit the successful fertilisation of the egg.

– Knowing your cycle will help your chances if you can get the timing right. There are a range of methods from keeping diaries to ovulation tests. Once you know your time of the month you can aim to be hitting the sheets around that time. But don’t get too concerned about the schedule: it can take up to a year of regular sex to become pregnant even among perfectly healthy, fertile couples.

– While it might feel like a lot of pressure, with so much to remember to and think about, try not to stress too much. Worrying about getting pregnant can make it harder to, as well as make you feel less in the mood for fun in the bedroom. Try different relaxation techniques such as meditation or hypnotherapy. If it involves getting outside that’s even better – scientists have found getting some sunshine boosts your chances of conceiving by a third.

If you have any concerns about your health or becoming pregnant you should visit your doctor for advice and a check-up. There might be useful tests they can do and information they can give you.


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But wait, it’s not all to do with women…

Let’s not forget that while we might be the ones carrying the child and giving birth, the man makes his essential contribution too. Where there is difficulty conceiving it’s just as likely this can come from the male side so there are tips for the soon-to-be dad too.

His weight and general health is important as well as yours. So, if he needs to improve his diet and head to the gym it’s best to get started on that early. That includes stopping smoking and cutting down on any alcohol.

Male fertility depends on the strength, quality and number of sperm and the balance can be very delicate. For example, did you know radiation from mobile phones may damage sperm?

A happy and healthy pregnancy starts with your health and happiness. So relax, follow these ideas, and get ready to welcome your new bundle of joy into the world!

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