Breastfeeding Story

Breastfeeding – Not Always A Beautiful Experience

A mother – child relation is a mystifying bond and this is accredited upto a large extent to the biology behind it. A child is part of the mother’s body (and soul of course) and this physical connection does not just end with the birth of the child.

It continues when a mother feeds the baby from her body. Breastfeeding takes this connection to a different level as the mother can now actually see the bond flourishing and not just feel it.

It’s the first interaction of the baby with her mother, the very first demand and supply note. Holding the baby in your lap and seeing her latch onto you is a mesmerising experience. At least, this is all we perceive and expect from it but as a matter of fact, it not always as blissful as it seems. Especially, for the first time mothers who have no idea what and how much is the demand of her baby and are solely dependent on the advice of the elder ladies around them and maybe their plain-toned nurse.

This can be so overwhelming when you are recovering from your delivery experience, irrespective of the type of delivery you had.

From the initial issues of soreness to not having sufficient milk or to having too much of it can be really tough to handle.

I remember feeding my first baby, made me sit for hours, that too in frequent intervals while my freshly stitched body after a C-section barely allowed me to move.

Then making some babies learn to suck is another issue.

Also the feed requirement, both the duration and frequency, differ for each child. So knowing, ‘how much is not too much’ or ‘Am I really having enough?’ are some questions that continue to disturb mothers.

Such issues could be so troublesome, that some of us ultimately choose to bottle-feed our babies despite being aware of the advantages and health benefits for both the baby and ourselves, of the natural course of feeding.

To cope up with the issues and to enjoy this blessing in its true sense, you can take care of the following:

Breastfeeding posture

Correct Posture

Breastfeeding involves sitting for long hours and an uncomfortable posture can lead to a tiring experience. Get a proper posture for yourself and your baby. It must be ensured that your legs, back and shoulders are relaxed. You must ensure your back gets full support. Raising the knee on which the baby’s head is rested can also help by having sufficient support underneath it.

Stay Hydrated

It’s very important to keep sipping water while your baby is enjoying her treat. So always keep a bottle of water handy before your start feeding.

Dealing with the leaks

Working Mothers or mothers who need to leave their babies for some duration in a day often face this issue, when their breasts start leaking milk after a while. This is faced especially when you change your routine or join your job after maternity leave. Good quality breast pads can be used but one need to take care of the hygiene part and it must ensured that these are regularly washed and disposed off when worn out.

Dizziness and Nausea

Using the breast pad for long hours or not being able to feed the baby for a long duration can cause hardening of breasts and this discomfort may extend to shoulders and neck and in extreme may also cause dizziness or fever. It happened in my case when my son had to be hospitalised due to some infection when he was just  4 days old. So to avoid this, make sure you take out excess milk in regular intervals. Breasts pumps are also available for this task but again usage guidelines must be carefully followed. This milk can also be preserved for feeding the baby. I have seen new moms in my office these days following this routine having the relief of their kid being breast fed despite their unavailability.

Wearing Appropriate Bra

One tends to stay loose during this time but on the contrary, it is all the more important to wear a proper feeding bra to avoid sagging of breasts at a later stage. There are plenty of comfortable and convenient options available as per your need.

Feeding your baby is such a delightful experience that we mothers enjoy throughout our motherhood. Happy Breastfeeding Week to all Mothers!!

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