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Saying Yes to the Dress: Bridal Designers You Should Know About

The modern and fashion-forward bride is all about breaking boundaries and challenging the trend of traditional wedding gowns. This is wholly made possible by bridal fashion designers who are recreating the face of bridalwear and modernizing the fashion industry as they sew. While the bridal world has its slew of staple names and well-loved designers, there are a myriad of newer and lesser-known innovators on the market bringing gorgeous dress sketches to fanciful life.

For brides looking for a dress that breathes effortless elegance and modern fantasy, we’ve compiled a list of the finest bridal designers that you should know about. Whether you’re engaged to be wed or simply dreaming up your ideal gown, these designers are bound to have something in their collection worth fawning over. Kick on your bridal party flats and let’s dive in!

Liz Martinez

Distinguished by her meticulous craftsmanship, keen precision and classy cuts, Israeli designer Liz Martinez has been one of Instagram’s favorite names in bridalwear. The young designer is known for her simple yet sexy design. Her unique trademark style is youthful, feminine, and flawlessly fashion-forward while mixing in stylish middle-eastern sensuality.

Isabelle Armstrong

Isabelle Armstong’s distinctive taste has made her a driving force in the bridal world. Her gowns are beautified by delicate laces, custom embroideries, and sleek silhouettes that are romantic and modern. Whether you’re looking for a whimsical number to match the essence of an outdoor wedding or an extravagant ball gown to embody the energy of a grand hall ceremony, Isabelle Armstrong’s illustrious collections are bound to have something special for you.

Pnina Tornai

Famed for being a fan-favorite on TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress, Pnina Tornai’s well-loved collections feature her signature corset design that is beautifully inspired by the construction of ancient corsets. Brides adore Pnina for her ability to infuse her own modern touch to create gowns that are equal parts classic and new age. Each of her gowns are handmade with luxurious fabrics imported from Europe.

Dana Harel

Take everything you love about modern and traditional wedding gowns— from lively tulles, luxe laces, sensual silhouettes, brilliant beading—and fuse it into a single collection. That’s what you get when you choose a Dana Harel dress. The Israeli designer is another one of the up and coming bridal designers that are incredibly popular among young brides.


For the cool, cutting-edge brides out there who are more likely to challenge fashion rather than conform to trends, Nevenka is the Melbourne-based designer you should have your eye on. As a brand heavily influenced by eastern European heritage and eclectic shapes and silhouettes, Nevenka gowns are among the most visually interesting on the bridal market. Marked by a boho-chic vibe that is also runway-ready, these gowns are perfect for brides looking for a little more pizazz.

Caroline Hayden

Bridal designers

Based out of Minnesota, American designer Caroline Hayden’s collection of ready-to-wear evening and bridal gowns speak for themselves. With a certain old-time appeal that recalls early 1920’s silhouettes and materials, Caroline Hayden integrates modern features like two-piece sets, caplets, vests, and pants. Equally enchanting and breath-taking, these gorgeous gowns are a minimalist bride’s dream come true.

Bo & Luca

Inspired by the cuts, colors, materials, and shapes that decorate many exotic and nomadic cultures, Bo & Luca gowns embody “the romance of bohemia”. Brides looking for easy go-to styles that feature a splash of worldly individuality, Bo & Luca’s expansive collection of bridalwear will impress. We’re talking thigh-high slits, bedazzled sheaths, and alluring open backs that make showstopping ensembles.

Georges Hobeika

For the bride that dreams of breathtaking gowns that exude a celestial sensation the moment she slips into it, look no further than Georges Hobeika. Established in 1995, Lebanese designer Georges Hobeika began creating jaw-dropping ready-to-wear bridal gowns befit for royalty. Since his first sketches and dresses, he has earned a reputation for creating ethereal gowns that turn brides into queens of their own right.

Alex Perry

Australian designer Alex Perry has become one of the most recognizable names in bridalwear. Famous for his use of shape and volume, Alex Perry gowns are designed to be unique and unparalleled. His signature? Intelligently distributed volume, clean lines, cinched waists, and perfected craftsmanship.


Who are your favorite wedding designers? Let us know in the comments below!

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