Fitness workouts and Diet Must strictly followed to Maintain Good Health

breakfastThe importance of health cannot and should not be neglected even when one is on holiday. But, this fact is conveniently forgotten or most of us feel that whilst on a vacation exercise and diet can be resumed after the holidays. By then the damage is done. The weight that was shed is regained in many folds.  Your shapely figure is lost. So friends, take care – even while enjoying your weekend or a few days away from home follow your exercise and diet routines strictly.

You can always spare sixty minutes from your daily agenda for work outs and light breakfast.    Health experts and or experienced holiday managers have a few suggestions to help you maintain your fitness.

These few steps include:

  • Start your day’s outing after a light breakfast. This would help you eat less in other places. In case you are hungry and famished have a glass of juice, H2O or some fruit slices on the way or while leaving the hotel.  Have a filling but light meal. Eating a plate full of salad will stop you from eating much of the main course. Sharing your food will also help in eating less.
  • Carry packed food when you go out. By doing so you can avoid eating the fast food served in various nooks and corners.  Having yoghurt, fruits and sprouts for meals will also help.
  • Have a menu that will keep you satiated and energetic will help you relax during the vacation time. Relish your food while eating as this will help in the digestion of food.
  • Replace hard drinks with fresh fruit and fruit juices, this will keep you fresh during the vacation period.  If you are holidaying in a remote area, don’t forget to taste the fruits available locally.  You may enjoy the change.
  • Having a small measure of red wine will increase your food intake.
  • Have fresh fruits and juices instead of having ice creams.
  • Avoid going out in the afternoons when the Sun is hot.

Do your workouts during the day, preferably at the same time as at home. Most of the starred hotels provide a regular Work out parlors.  For a change you may go for long walks or try out the other health packages offered by the holiday Check INS.


If you are in a mood,  try new workouts or other Exercises like squats will tone your lower body options like trekking and mountain climbing which will break the monotony and also spend few hours in an exciting manner. Most of the hotels have a variety of packages to fit your budget. Speak to the authority and arrange a workout package for yourself.

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