The Important Reasons You Need a 3-Wheel Bike

As we get older, it becomes increasingly hard for us to find ways on how to maintain our fitness.

Running is an excellent choice but may not be a suitable option for people with knee problems as it is a high-impact exercise. On the other hand, weight lifting and bodyweight exercises are low impact but have a high risk of injury. Because of this, most seniors are left with only one option—cycling.

Since balance has become an issue for most older people too, a lot of them tend to invest in a different kind of bike—the 3-wheel bike.

If you are considering purchasing this type of bike too, then here are the important reasons you need a 3-wheel bike.

5 Reasons You Need a 3-Wheel Bike Revealed

Looking for reasons you need a 3-wheel bike? Here are some of them:

•    Stability

Since the bike has two wheels at the back, 3-wheel bikes are considered to be more stable than standard bicycles and will not tip off that easily. Because of this, you do not need to maintain minimum forward motion to keep the bike balanced.

If you need to stop the bike, all that you have to do is stop pedaling and hit on the brake pedal—you no longer have to balance the bike once it is already at a standstill.

•    Effortless Climb

When you ride a two-wheel bike uphill, you need to maintain a certain level of forwarding motion in order to keep it upright. This will not be as difficult as when you are riding a 3-wheel bike.

You see, 3-wheel bikes come with multiple gears which make them more capable of riding uphill than traditional bikes. With the extra gear that the bike has, you do not have to bother yourself with balancing the bike. That is why you can place it in low gear and pedal at a pace that you are comfortable in.

For a safe climb, watch this video:

•    Room for Storage

If you always bring lots of items with you, you will definitely appreciate the broad wheelbase of 3-wheel bikes. The width of the bike’s base makes it capable of carrying heavy loads of cargo.

You can also fit storage racks behind your seat. These racks will be perfect in carrying heavy cargo packs. And if you think that the addition of this heavy load will have a negative impact on the bike’s stability, you will be surprised to discover that the trike will be able to maintain good stability even with the added weight.

•    Comfortable Ride

Two types of trike (delta and tadpole trikes in particular) features a wide seat that allows proper distribution of the user’s weight. When your weight is distributed correctly, your buttock muscles will receive less pressure, allowing you to feel more comfortable.

When you do not feel any pain or fatigue, you will be able to ride longer which may result in better calorie burn.

•    Less Tiring (But More Efficient)

Aside from the fact that you will be able to ride longer when using a 3-wheel bike, riding a trike is also a more enjoyable way of exercising. When you use an upright bike, you will be using more of your arms and legs.

With the trike’s riding position, you can be able to work out the important muscles that you need to target—your core muscles and hamstrings.

More than that, a trike workout is much more versatile. Once you already feel a bit fitter, you can try uphill cycling (which would be safe enough for you since you do not have to work hard in maintaining your balance as mentioned in our second point).

Final Words

With the reasons you need a 3-wheel bike, there is no denying the fact that a 3-wheel bike is the most efficient, safest and best option for a seniors’ workout. It requires less effort but delivers almost the same calorie burn.

If you want to maximize your workout, you need to make sure that you choose the right type of 3-wheel bike for you.

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