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Strengthen Your Hip With These Exercises

Unlike our other body organs, our hips are those parts of the body to which we hardly ever pay any attention unless and until they are bothering us. While we are following a fitness regime, firming our hip muscles is perhaps not high on our plan and agenda. But if you belong to that category of people who spend most of the time being merely seated with no activity, you will be acquainted with that unwanted hip pain and stiffness that comes along with it. In order to contest the discomfort, you even resort to performing some hip stretches. However, reinforcing the hip area essentially is something that will not only make you feel better but will also enable you to move around better.

Leaf through the below mentioned Exercises to help target and Strengthen Your Hips Muscles:

Straight Leg Raise: To begin this exercise, lie down on your right side. Proceed with bending your right leg and then slowly rest your left foot on the floor. Slowly raise two feet of your top leg off the flat surface. Your leg must be gradually lowered by holding the position for about five seconds. Repeat it about five times, then with alternate legs.

Isometric Gluteus Medius Exercise: Start performing this muscle exercise by lying on one side with a belt being positioned around both your ankles. Lift your leg on the top in an upward direction, press it against the belt while you keep your knee straight. Holding this position for about five seconds, you must repeat it for about ten times.


Hip Flexion: Once you stand up in a straight position, steadily lift your right leg off the ground; bend it in a way that you create a ninety-degree angle at your hip. By holding the posture for five seconds, you can progressively lower the leg. By repeating the exercise for about five times, you can swap legs.

Wall Slide: Initiating the exercise, stand upright with your back against the wall and your feet at a shoulder-width distance. By bending your knees gently, your back must slide down the wall for a count of 5 till the time your knees are bent at an angle of a 45-degree angle. The position must be held for about five seconds. Begin with flattening your knees at a count of 5, sliding up the wall till you are totally erect with your knees positioned straight. Repeat the move for about 5 times.

Once you have become skilled at these exercises, they seem to be easier thus enabling you to move on to more progressive hip strengthening workouts. Working towards sustaining the strength of your hips will facilitate your stability, keep you walking normally, and aid in maintaining pain-free hips.

Image Source: yogajournal.com and sportsinjuryclinic.net

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