Whey Protein

Whey Protein: 4 Reasons To Go For This Energy Boost

Anyone who has ever been to the gym or has a friend who goes there must have heard of the benefits of whey protein for bodybuilders or fitness enthusiasts. But the truth is that it isn’t just for them. Anyone can take whey protein as a supplement to exercise. Of course, anything, even whey protein can be bad for you if taken for the wrong reasons. If you undergo strict, fitting workouts, and have a proper diet that you can swear by every day, then you don’t need the whey protein. But, following a strict diet is just as good as a dream for most people as people tend to break their diet plans for varied reasons. This is where whey protein supplements help us. Apart from helping you to increase muscle mass and strength, it completes your body’s essential nutrition needs. Whey can help increase endurance and strength and is useful against disease. Here are a few benefits of whey:

  1. Burns fat while keeping muscles sustained

According to a scientific study conducted on a test group in Minnesota over the course of 12 weeks, it was found that whey protein was helpful in burning fat while retaining the amount of muscle. Half the subjects were asked to take 500 calories less than their usual calorie intake on a day-to-day basis. One half was given whey protein as part of their daily intake while the other half was given a mixed cocktail of isocaloric value. The group that consumed whey lost a greater percentage of fat compared to the other group while also managing to preserve muscle mass. So, if you feel the need to munch on something outside your daily allotted intake, go for a whey protein sports bar.

  1. Size, strength and stamina increase
Size and Stamina

Size and Stamina

Whey has been proven to help increase strength, endurance and stamina in consumers. Whey protein concentrates on muscle increase during strength training exercises. Gym trainers recommend taking 1/2 scoop of whey protein as soon as you get up from bed and 1 scoop immediately after workout to provide the inflammation of muscle with easily digestible protein for maximum protein synthesis. This gives you optimum results and faster recovery. Also, for better muscle recovery, it is recommended that you take 1/2 scoop of whey protein in milk right before going to bed.

  1. Release from hunger

Training at the gym and following the training diet can be exhausting. Intake of salt in particular can increase the body’s intake of water and therefore, increase the process of digestion leaving you feeling hungry sooner than necessary. Whey protein, when taken with milk reduces the production of ghrelin, a.k.a. lenomorelin, better known as the hunger hormone, because when consuming with milk you also consume amounts of lactose and casein protein(already present in milk)  which takes more time in digestion. Hence, the body doesn’t feel hungry for at least 3-4 hours.

If you are looking forward to weight loss, it is recommended to take whey in water to avoid intake of sugars such as lactose present in milk.

  1. Help reduce stress and increase immunity
Stress Free

Stress Free

Gym training only increases the body’s physical endurance. It is also true that it helps with increasing the mental endurance of a person since a lot of willpower is needed to pass through the rigorous demands of training. But not all are strong-willed which is why most new trainees develop an affinity towards late night parties or day munchies such as chocolates or aerated drinks, thus not keeping a check on their diet. Several also partake in mood and stamina building drugs leading to a variety of diseases that affect both the body and the brain. Instead, a whey protein shake can reduce stress and increase serotonin levels in the body, helping you feel refreshed and ready to go exercise. Glutathione, an important antioxidant is severely reduced in the body due to aerobics and other forms of heavy exercises. Whey protein has proven helpful in reducing the loss of glutathione and helping boost immunity.

Therefore, the next time you go for a workout, don’t forget your whey protein shake!

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