What Do I Need to Know Before Boxing?

If you are looking for a sport that will allow you to enjoy strenuous physical activity, boxing is the way to go. As one of the most popular sports in the world that has been around for centuries, it is suitable for men and women, kids and adults. Whether you are looking to become the next Muhammad Ali or you are just in it for recreational purposes, boxing will be worth it.

The best thing about it? Unlike some other sports, it doesn’t require a big budget, as you will be able to get the necessary equipment for a fair and reasonable price. Other than boxing gloves, headgear, and a jump rope, the only thing you will need in order to start is a punching bag that you can hang at home and get the optimal workout.

While the concept of boxing includes a lot of head punches, the idea is not that someone gets seriously hurt. On the other hand, don’t expect your sparring partner to go light on you as boxing should be high intensity, pushing you to and past your limits. One of the most commonly asked questions from beginners is what do I need to know before boxing? We have prepared a few answers that will help you get started!

Choose a Boxing Class That Suits You

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Yes, we are all familiar with what boxing is, but while it may look uniform, there are a number of different classes in which you can engage, depending on what you are looking to achieve.

A traditional boxing class consists of some cardio workouts and foot drills, ring time and sparring with your partner or the punching bag. This type of class combines the best of all worlds and ensures a strenuous workout that you were looking for.

On the other hand, there are certain classes that emphasize more on the cardio part, and these are mostly practiced by people who are looking to escape too much punching and would rather improve their stamina.

Contrary to this, certain boxing schools will allow you to put more focus on punching techniques and drills and leave the cardio and footwork for an individual workout.

You Need the Right Equipment

As we mentioned above, boxing is quite inexpensive to begin with. Still, there are essentials that you need in order to get the optimal results and prevent injury. Getting a good pair of boxing gloves will go a long way towards your first classes.

Now, there are three different types of gloves — competition, sparring, bag — and to be honest, your best bet is to buy the sparring ones as for now you will not engage in any kind of big matches, and these will work fine for all purposes. On the other hand, if boxing gloves are too expensive for you to start, you should buy high-quality hand wraps and borrow the gloves from your club.

Be Early, Be Courageous

One of the most important things to know before your boxing class is that you should do your best to arrive early. There are a few reasons for that.

First, your instructor will notice that you are serious about boxing and that you didn’t come to mess around. Also, it will give you some time before so you can get comfortable by adjusting your gloves, headgear, and all the essential equipment; therefore, by coming 15 minutes earlier, there will be enough time for you to do so.

The other part is that you should be brave instead of intimidated. Yes, boxing might look rough on television, but believe us, there is much more to it other than punching and throwing jabs. You should understand that the idea of this sport is not that you get hurt, but rather push your limits, and the equipment that you have makes sure of that.

Boxing is one of the ways to face the games that your mind is playing, putting you in a fearful state – so be sure to make the most out of it, standing up to any challenge like the true lion you are.


So, you have decided to start boxing? Fantastic! There are a few things that you want to do before your first training session, including proper research on the essential equipment and class that you will take. Your first day boxing will be something unique and different from anything else you have experienced, and proof that you have made the right decision. So get those gloves on!

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