Gladiator Workouts

Gladiator Workouts – Get Yourself Trained Like One

The minute you talk about gladiator workouts, first thing that hits our minds are the Ancient Roman gladiators – the lean and mean killing machines. Battling was their way of life and the very spirit of their existence and life. This nothing but gave them a steadfast forte and an implausible drive and willpower. Their bravery and courage are undeniably legendary. Being fierce, gladiators would need good core steadiness and strength followed by an outstanding ballistic movement competence in order to survive. These exercises will not only help in providing cardio-vascular benefits, strength, agility and power but will also benefit in shedding the unnecessary fats thus toning your entire body.

The contemporary “gladiator” workouts truly drive their inspiration from the age-old gladiators. Most of these workouts integrate circuit training and focus more on functional exercises.

Performed for approximately sixty seconds, these workouts will challenge your heart and lungs as well as your muscles. The below-mentioned high-intensity circuit of workouts will ultimately aid in significantly burning down the unnecessary fats from your body, giving you well-defined abs, chest and arms, and will uplift your fitness level.

Goblet Squat

It is a core strengthening and lower body workout. To start, stand in a white stance, your facing the centre of your foot and your back in its natural neutral arch and core, connected. By vertically holding the dumbbell in your hand, lower yourself till your thighs are parallel to the floor. Make sure that you do not round off your back and uphold the natural curve of your spine and exhale to push yourself up. So, inhale, squat down till your thighs go parallel to the floor and you are nearly touching the dumbbell to the floor and exhale to come up.

Mountain Climber Workout

You should get into a push-up posture with your arms being kept totally straight. For performing these exercises, it is vital that your body should form a straight line from your head till your ankles. Without letting your lower-back position change, elevate your right foot off the ground and slowly move your right knee in the direction of your chest. Get back to the position in which you started the exercise and repeat the same with your left leg. Change back and forth for the interval of the set.


Single-Arm Dumbbell Swing

In this workout, one has to either hold a kettlebell or a dumbbell at arm’s length in front of your waist. You must slowly bend your hips and knees and moderately swipe the dumbbell between your legs, without turning your lower back. Slowly push your hips in the forward and alter the dumbbell to shoulder level as you elevate to a stand-up posture, by keeping your arms straight. Swipe the weight in back and forth position. Switch the arms at a 30 second mark.


Take 2 dumbbells of medium weight that you can manage in one arm. As the dumbbells are under your hands, this is also called the push-up position. Go down on your arms into a plank position and lower down your body in one neutral spine. As you lower your body down bringing your chest in between your hands, the body should remain parallel to the floor. Exhale and thrust yourself up. Simultaneously, take your right hand up and turn your body towards the right thus making a T position. You will be basically balanced on your left hand as you have swung the right hand in the air with your legs straight and your body neutral. Repeat it on the left side, by stepping down to a push position. Make sure that you maintain the natural curve of your spine throughout the exercise, levelling your body as you come back to a plank position and then go up to the T position while ensuring that your lower back does not sink down.

Split Jump

Start the workout in a staggered position with your feet 2 or 3 ft apart and your right foot in front of your left foot. Ensuring your torso is kept erect, gradually bend your legs and the lower portion of your body into a lunge position. Now, slowly jump with enough force to drive both feet off the ground. When you are up in the air, scissor-kick your legs so that you are able to land with your left leg in the forward direction. Repeat the exercise switching your forward leg for the length of the set.


With this form of exercise, you will have a positive impact on all the muscle groups of your body right from your chest, abs to your arms. Start with standing straight. Continue to squat position with your arms on the ground and level your body in plank position immediately. Return to the squat position and stand up. Repeat the same. Take care that the spine is neutral.

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