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Pets Or Your Fashion Status?

You go all ‘Aww’, when you see your friend has just bought a Cocker Spaniel and all you wish to do is buy one for yourself. Back in those days, everyone had that one little cutie pie as their family member, the Pomeranian and the Indian dogs of course! But the ones who had the rare foreign breeds used to flaunt their status. Yes, status! Even today, owning a unique breed of dog, a talking African grey parrot, squirrel or a Guinea Pig is more about fashion and status than love and care, best grooming for your pet.

If we had that love thingy, I am sure Indian dogs would have been inside our gates rather than we often chasing them out. Not to forget, there are people who go out and feed these street dogs.

These are one of the favorite pets of all of us these days:

doberman pet

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  1. Doberman

Today’s fitness freak youngsters would really not skip to choose the fittest pet too. In the tub of various dog breeds, Doberman looks the most athletic and obviously  It is very sharp, intelligent and energetic.

Turkish Angora Cat

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  1. Turkish Angora Cat

The moment you see a Turkish Angora cat sitting on a lady’s lap in the car with her edgy pointed ears, beautiful bright eyes and that white silk fur, I am sure you would say “How Beautiful is this?” And wish to take your cat for some travel with you!

White Mice - 3

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  1. Little White Mice

This sweet little one is much cuter than the others but difficult to handle and to be taken care. But people you have abundant of time and too much passion can risk taking them out of the cage.


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  1. The Squirrels

Not too long I had seen a squirrel sitting on a man’s shoulder, while he was driving a Harley. How cool isn’t? Unlike others who kept their eyeballs stuck to the sporty bike, mine were on this little cute one. Indian squirrels are a great pets.

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  1. African Grey Parrot

Not too attractive as compared to the colorful parrots, but its cuteness cannot be hidden and the best part is it’s a speaking parrot. Once you buy it for yourself, make sure your speech is all polite as these little ones have a habit of mimicking words.


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  1. Turtles

Though it is illegal in India to have a Turtle/Tortoise as pets, people do keep them inside their home as many believe that it brings them money. However, I have also learnt that breeds native to India are illegal, you can pet a foreign breed.


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  1. Parakeets

Parakeets would be one of your children’s favorite. The colorful Australian lovebirds with that cute innocent look wins our heart every time when they look at us. This calm and beautiful pet is worth keeping not in a cage but definitely in a room.

People these days are not behind in purchasing a horse or an exotic fish, after all it’s all about your passion, how much you care for them and obviously how much time you have to spend with them. Keeping them lonely is no option at all. Not the least, money matters, as keeping these guys as pets requires you to feed them the right food, give them vaccines and take care round the clock.

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