Celebrating Diwali With Food, The Healthy Way!

Yes, Diwali – the festival of lights, is here!! And so are our favorite mouth-watering, ghee-infused and calorie-loaded sweets, mithai, farsan, snacks and drinks! Amidst all the planned outings, parties and mithai-loaded plates, we usually tend to neglect our health and weight! So, here are some tips top enjoy a guilt-free Diwali.

Make sweets at home– This festive season, indulge yourself in making a range of sweets and mithai with your lovely family. In this way, you will have the liberty to adjust your calories and the sweetness of the mithai, making it low fat and low caloric! Use skim milk and honey while making mithai. Also, avoid using artificial sweeteners and replace them with natural ones like dates, jaggery and figs.

Choose healthier snack options– Munching on fried snacks and farsan are one of the weakest habits during this festive season. I am sure, grabbing your hands off these is extremely difficult. However, you can use healthier methods of cooking like baking and grilling instead of deep frying for making these snacks. Roasted khakras are better options than the fried ones.

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Avoid Alcohol– Limit your alcohol intake although it’s a festive time. Avoid having alcohol on the Diwali night, not only to save come extra calories, but also to let you enjoy all the festive rituals in the correct way!  Increased alcohol consumption is not only harmful for your liver and kidney, but its hangover will leave you with a heavy head and body, the next day.

Ensure optimum Hydration levels– In all our busy schedules during this festive season, we forget to drink enough water. Low hydration levels will make you feel tired, fatigued and dizzy. Hence, make sure to replace all your high caloric-sugary drinks with lime juice, water, green tea, any other herbal teas or buttermilk.

Exercise is the key to health and fitness– Don’t forget, the way to shed off those extra calories is by indulging yourself in an hour of cardio activity daily. Could be walking, gymming, skipping, aerobics or simply cycling! Staying physically active and fit will ensure daily caloric expenditure, thus, helping you to get back in shape!

So, now ensure that you and your family have a happy and healthy Diwali ahead!

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