Lose Weight Mistakes

Five Common Mistakes You Just Can’t Make If You Want To Lose Weight!

Trying to lose weight since a long time and nothings’ working??? Had only fruits and juices, exercised hard core, joined an expensive gym, called a yoga instructor, etc etc. but all in VAIN?

So, people will always tell you what to do while losing weight. Today, I am about to tell you 5 MISTAKES you just can’t afford to make during our weight loss journey….

  1. Never Skip Meals – Yes, that’s true. The moment you skip a meal your metabolism drops down, increasing your risk of putting on fat.
  2. Never Eat And Workout – What’s the use of burning what you just ate? Obviously, that’s why I am saying, always go relatively on an empty stomach for any cardio activity (for weight training, meet a qualified nutritionist to chalk out your diet).
  3. Don’t Be Only On Fruits – Yes I know fruits are very good for those vitamins, minerals and fibre, but you cannot expect to lose weight with just these 3 components, right? There is more to it. Gradual and timed weight loss is the one that will last longer.
  4. Doing Keto For a Very Long Time – Oh my God! That’s a grave mistake that few individuals make for quick weight loss. But thy fail to understand the consequences of it. I am NOT AGAINST it, my only suggestion is that it should be chalked out by a qualified nutritionist and must be monitored wisely.
  5. Large Meal Gaps – People feel, they will lose weight faster if they eat less. But that’s not correct. Maintain your portion size and meal timings. In simple words, larger the meal gap, slower the metabolism and bigger the portion size in the next meal!

So, the next time you plan your “weight loss journey”, think TWICE before making such common mistakes!

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