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Choose the Best Companion: Platinum vs Gold!

When it comes to jewelry, one is very particular about what should be bought or probably from where it is to be bought. Jewelry is bought for multiple purposes, like celebrating festivals, gifts, investment and weddings. In India people mostly buy jewelry on special occasions such as anniversaries, proposing your girlfriend to marry you or engagements in arranged marriages.

Nowadays, our generation prefers platinum over gold for many unique factors. We discuss some of them below :


The most noticeable difference between platinum and gold is the color. Platinum is naturally white in color while gold is naturally yellow. Some people occasionally buy white gold as it looks similar to platinum. But little do they know that within 6 months white polished gold will fade to off-white and starts looking odd.

Whereas platinum, being naturally white in color, retains its natural white color and charm.

Strength & Durability

Though both Gold and Platinum are naturally durable, platinum is 50% stronger than gold which makes it much more durable. In fact, unlike old gold jewelry, platinum jewellery does not lose its weight over time.

How secure are diamonds in Platinum?

Platinum holds diamonds & gemstones much more securely as it is much denser & stronger than gold. Platinum is the recommended metal for solitaire settings because of its strength.

Platinum is Naturally White

As platinum is naturally white in color, it retains its white color for generations.


Platinum is denser than gold which makes it much more comfortable to wear. There is also an option of opting for a comfort fit design which are rounded from inside for better comfort during daily use. The same can be used for any occasion like professional evening to wedding celebration. One additional benefit of platinum is that it is hypoallergenic, which confirms that you will not be affected by any sort of allergy if you wear a platinum jewelry. Gold on the other hand can have allergic reactions in some cases.

Patina Finish

The important thing to note here is that when gold is scratched it gets stuck to the scratching surface & is lost, whereas if platinum gets scratched then it develops a unique and sought after finish called the “Patina”. Due to its unorthodox looks, it is desired by a lot of people.

So what should I choose? Platinum or Gold?

If you are still confused whether to buy platinum or gold jewelry then let us conclude it for you. Platinum is an ideal choice if you are looking for elegant, modern jewellery for men or wedding bands & engagement rings. Whereas gold is an option for traditional jewellery.

Below are some helpful sources that will help you learn more about Platinum & make an informed decision :

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