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Rings And Bands – Propose Your Love On Valentine’s Day!

Platinum, Gold & Silver & hundreds of designs in each of them! So, how do you choose the perfect metal for your love on Valentine’s Day or the right wedding bands for your D-Day? Here we have compiled a comparative list of features of the different precious metals to help you choose rightly.

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  • Platinum is a naturally white noble metal, that stays white forever, unlike white gold.
  • Platinum is much harder & stronger than gold & generally holds diamonds & gemstones more securely than white gold.
  • Platinum is about 30 times rarer than gold.
  • Generally platinum jewelry is crafted in much higher purity (Pt 950 i.e. 95%) than gold jewelry (22K i.e. 91.6% or 18K i.e. 75%)
  • Platinum is more durable than white gold & does not lose metal when scratched, which over decades means, platinum will not lose as much weight as white gold does due to scratching.
  • Some people are allergic to white gold as it is a lower purity alloy with substantial quantities of other metals such as nickel, copper, silver etc. Whereas platinum jewelry being generally 95% pure retains the property of Platinum being hypoallergenic.



  • Gold is the most popular noble metal used in jewelry making.
  • It is relatively soft and deforms easily.
  • White gold is an alloy of gold that looks white because of rhodium polish & loses its white color & turns yellowish within a couple of
  • Gold loses metal when scratched & generally, gold jewelry loses weight with regular wear.

silver ring

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  • Silver is the least popular metal for wedding rings.
  • Although silver is naturally white, however, it reacts very easily with air to formed silver oxide which gives it a black-ish color, also called as tarnishing.
  • Silver has very low density & strength as compared to platinum & gold.
  • It is also the cheapest of the 3 metals, just about 2% of the price!

Generally platinum jewelry is more expensive than gold jewelry. However if the price is not an issue, platinum is generally considered a better metal than gold or silver for wedding bands because of its durability. But finally, the choice is yours!

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