Contraceptive drugs. All you need to know

Pregnancy should be planned, that’s a fact. It’s a very important step, and if the person is not ready to be a parent, the consequences can be sad.

Luckily, the field of contraceptive drugs is pretty innovative and came up with a various solution both for female and male contraceptive. But there are a lot of specifics, so let’s discuss in more detail and make everything clear.

Types of Contraceptive Drugs

The range of contraceptive drugs is already much more than just condoms and contraceptive pill. The choice is pretty rich for both genders, so let’s clarify what’s what.

  • The ring. It’s a round device that is put into the vagina and can be there for three months. It is possible to take it out earlier if you want to. Its shape reminds a hair-tie. Most women prefer it because it has fewer side effects compared to other methods;
  • Injectable contraceptive. Also called the shot. This solution contains progestin and keeps its effect for three months. It has some side effects, but they should be gone within six months. A great example of a contraceptive drug is Depo-Provera;
  • Intrauterine devices. This product is surgically inserted into the cervix and, depending on the brand, keeps its effect from three to twelve years. It is safe for those who are breastfeeding and have high blood pressure;
  • The implant. It’s a matchstick-sized product that is inserted into your body by the specialist, and removed after three years. It’s using progestin to suppress ovulation.
  • Gel. It is inserted vaginally before having sex and changes women’s pH, so she can’t get pregnant.

As you can, there are a lot of variants, and it’s hard to say what is the best contraceptive. This thing is very personal, and what is perfect for one person can be the worst variant for another.

Pros and Cons of Contraceptive Drugs

As we all know, any examples of contraceptive drugs have their own pros and cons. Each treatment has its own peculiarities, but still, there are some common you need to keep in mind.


  • They prevent pregnancy perfectly;
  • Doesn’t demand daily attention;
  • Some of them last for a really long time. The durability is different, from four months to a few years;
  • Doesn’t influence your sexual life. Most devices don’t need the pause after insertion, some need day or two to heal;
  • Some of them can positively influence your menstrual cycle.


  • Devices mentioned above cant prevent STIs;
  • Can cause such side effects as irregular menstrual periods, depression, weight gain, hair loss;
  • Some of them demand minor surgery.

Again, the list can go on and on, but those are the most common pros and cons that appears almost in any birth control. To know the specific, search for your contraceptive drugs online.

Do Contraceptive Drugs Influence Hormones?

Most birth controls are hormonal because they deal with women’s reproductive systems. So, yes, any birth control device influences your hormones. Moreover, because of these reasons, some methods are used for skin treatment, mental health issues, etc.

You may experience basic hormonal changes: mood swings, slight skin improvement, and changes in your menstrual cycle. In more severe cases, menstruation can disappear at all. If you have any unusual symptoms, contact your doctor immediately!

Remember, those methods can’t be used on your own; it is necessary to pass the analysis and decided the best option together with your doctor. Don’t look where to buy contraceptive pills online before a doctor’s appointment!


In this article, we only talked about females’ birth control, but there are so and so much more. Male contraception, pills, surgical procedures. Discuss it with your partner, consult with a doctor, and decide what is best for you. Pregnancy should be a choice, not an accident.


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