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Cream vs Powder Blush: Which One Should You Choose?

Blush is godsent for your skin and can add life and vibrance to your face without much effort. If you’re someone who often finds themselves running short of time while getting ready in the morning, a single swipe of blush can make you look so much more put-together in a matter of seconds. There is a wide variety of blusher shades available in the market to suit every skin tone and can make your cheeks fresh and woken-up even if you spent the last night binge-watching Netflix. 

While blushes are definitely holy-grail for all us makeup lovers, the one question that even the biggest of makeup hoarders can not settle on is – cream based blusher or powder blush? So, here we attempt to put across all the advantages and disadvantages of both these categories to make it easy for you to choose the best one according to your skin type and requirements.

Dry Skin vs Oily Skin

While powder blushes work excellently on oily skin and help absorb extra shine from the skin, they can be a little challenging to work with on dry skin. This is where cream blushes come in handy. If you have dry skin, or even normal to combination skin, a cream-based blush will work much better for you, leaving your skin dewy and naturally plump.


While the blusher shades have a big role to play in the longevity of your makeup, cream-based products generally last longer and give you a higher pay-off as compared with powder-based products, and the same is true for blushers as well. Cream blushers are generally more pigmented than powder blushes and can last longer too.

Shade Range

Till a few years ago, the blusher shades available in cream blushers was fairly limited, and people with deeper, duskier skin tones used to find it harder to find a perfect match for themselves. Powder blushes, however, have always offered a huge shade range, and it is very easy for everyone to find a shade that complements their skin tone. These days, cream blushers are also becoming highly popular, and many brands have come up with a wide range of blusher shades even in this category.


If you’re after a matte, poppy finish, powder blushes will do the job for you. However, if you prefer that natural, glowing from within, healthy look, go for cream blushes. While powder blushes can also be made to look natural with the right blending techniques, cream blushes are easier to work with and a much safer bet for beginners.


 Affordability is an incredibly important factor to consider, especially while buying makeup as a beginner. There are many drugstore brands available in the market, offering various options of blusher shades in both powder and cream categories of blushers. Having said that, cream blushers being much more pigmented, need a minimal amount to add that pop of colour, making them a more economical option.

Ease of Use

Blushers are one of the first products anyone starts their makeup journey with. This is why the product must be beginner-friendly and easy to work with. If the blusher shades are dark, it is very easy to go overboard with powder blushes; cream based blushes are easier to blend and leave your skin looking fresh and healthy without any effort.

Healthier Skin for the Win : Healthy skin glows from within. This is why if you can find makeup that doubles up as skincare, nothing like it. A few trustworthy brands like SERY cosmetics are trying to get the ball rolling and infusing their products with natural products like Red Raspberry and other powerful antioxidants. They bring an excellent range of cream blush sticks to the market. These cream blushes are paraben and mineral oil-free and also hold UV-protection properties. Moreover, these blushes are perfect for all skin types, so all you beauties out there can check these out. Intrigued? Check out their website for more information.

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