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Dear Ladies, It is All About Your Me Time – Radio City

From gossiping to enjoying a hearty meal, Kitty Party has become a benchmark to meet women talented in various fields. These parties offer a great way to relieve the stress with fun activities alongside being productive as well. Keeping the modern women in mind, who often forget herself, not giving specific importance to oneself, Radio City 91.1 FM Vadadara had offered a Kitty Party as one of their city’s campaign for multi tasking Women of the city. As an Online Partner, Women Planet was extremely glad to be a productive part of the event.

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The Kitty Party  was organised at The Royal Orchid Hotel at evening 4 PM on 19th of this month. Enthusiastic women from the city had so much to share and learn from  each other. Around eighty talented women had come over to open up the various facets of the life.

Women today are progressive and vibrant, open to learn everything they are offered. The party offered a bundle of glee  including informative news about the market surroundings, innovative ideas, fun loving games, lots of tips on beauty, business and books. Experts of their respective fields, very much varied indeed taught  how to be unique and stand extra ordinary from a crowd. Be it kitchen tips, delicious food recipes, women relationship goals, life changing incidents or fun loving jokes, everything wrapped in knowledge was great in its own form. “It was an inspirational event, women were encouraged to be happy and were requested to find out sometime for themselves.” “It was a Finding New Me event, encouraging women to live for themselves too.”

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Radio City organizers shared the importance of music and why one should give it a little space in the busy schedule. A sustained focus on understanding listeners and taking a feedback is one of the main things loved about. Addressing the ladies from the city, talented entrepreneurs with skilled experts around, organizing a kitty party was indeed an amalgamation of stress buster fun and lots of learning.

Women Planet is thankful to you Radio City Vadodara.

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