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Did You Know! – 7 Women Masturbation Facts

Sex and Masturbation has always been a topic for men. Well, how many of your think this? As for my small questionnaire at work, majority girls raised their hands saying that it is a completely Men’s thing. But, hey, hold on and read to these 7 surprising or rather shocking facts about Women and Masturbation.

Based on a recent study and the Journal of Sex Research, it has been learnt that women masturbate at least once a Week. Yes… you read it right. So, do you still think its all a men’s thing? Well, to add some more details to this research, here are facts you probably never knew about sex, masturbation and women.

Women Masturbate like men

A majority of women agreed to the fact that they had masturbated, if not regularly, but at least 1 time in their life. Well there may be a few who may masturbate at least once in a day.

Women love sex toys

Sex toys are in. Most women love using sex toys during masturbation or while having sex with their partner.

Most women are clueless about what others do in bed

When asked about what other women may do during masturbation, they were actually clueless. They thought most women might just use their fingers to masturbate or get penetrated by sex toys.

Women Masturbate due to frustrating reasons

Sex is great. But, most women masturbate due to frustrating aspects such as getting off the tension from work or just to feel satisfied because they couldn’t finish off well with their partners.

Some think it’s a completely Man thing

A lot of women agreed to the fact that they thought masturbation was a completely Man thing. They never thought it could be just as exciting as it was for men. Also, during the survey, there were women who agreed that they masturbated more in front of their partners to get them stimulated.

You don’t need a romantic or grand event to do it

Many women reported that masturbation for them was not such a grand event. They would enjoy it while brushing their teeth or during a hot shower, simply to feel good.

It makes women  happy

Solo sex or masturbation helps women get in tune, feel great and happy from within. They were relieved of stress and felt relaxed after a perfect orgasm after masturbation.

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