Do You Know There Are 5000 Terms To Refer Your Period?

You, me, him, her and they. We all know half of the world menstruates, and is the reason that we all exists. But the fact that the world isn’t ready yet to embrace periods still seems a bit weird. People still change the channel when Sanitary napkins commercial appears, women often do not discuss it with the male members. From a research combinely undertaken by Clue, a woman’s app International Women’s Health Coalition, the astonishing numbers are out.

90,000 women from 190 countries were asked about their periods, the team found 86% of the women, didn’t mind discussing it with other women, but only 34% said they were comfortable discussing it with men. Some countries are worse you wouldn’t believe falls in this category. In Russia, only 14% of women said they would be comfortable discussing it with their male friends or colleagues, while in Japan the figure is as low as 12%.

However, this survey also analysed something very unique. There are almost 5000 ways to refer Periods! Remember Bread & Jam, I am down etc? Well, this international research throws a wide light, listen how these people crossing boundaries call period as:

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