Gold Ring Designs for Your Man

Gold Ring Designs for Your Man

Jewellery is often associated with women, and there are more options available for them to choose and buy. However, today’s man is more fashion savvy and in sync with the latest trends in clothes and accessories. Therefore, if you have been thinking of gifting something special to your man, well, you can plan on giving a gold ring. A gold ring not only signifies love, but it will also help in making your man look dapper. However, finding just a perfect gold ring can be a bit taxing and overwhelming. Browse this post to learn which gold ring designs for women you should buy for the love of your life!

• Gold Band: A signature gold band is something that most men love wearing because of its simple and subtle appearance. These rings are great every day come in various finish and gold hues. For a contemporary look, you can go for a white gold option, or you can even go in for the dual-tone band. If your man likes it to be traditional, then sticking on with the usual golden tone will be a good option.

• Solitaire Ring: Diamonds are one of the most loved stone settings in both men and women’s rings. If you are looking for gold rings for men that can make for a great statement jewellery option, well, we suggest going in for a solitaire ring. Solitaire diamond often goes well with white gold settings. However, you may opt for the usual golden hue as well.

• Engraved Rings: Most men find engraved rings very enticing and chic. There are umpteen patterns in engraved rings to choose from. From contemporary to traditional, you can pick any pattern you like. Sometimes the engraved rings may have dual gold-tone or stone settings for a more intricate look.

• Rings With Initials: Men love to adorn jewellery or accessories with their or their loved one’s initials engraved in them. If your man too loves to adorn such jewellery options, well, then your hunt ends with this ring. However, if you are planning to buy the ring for a special occasion, then you may have to order in advance because these kinds of rings are custom made or made on order and usually the jeweller may take some time.

• Coloured Stone Ring: Not only women but men too like to flaunt gold rings with vibrant-hued precious and semi-precious stones. If you are picking up the ring for a special occasion, you can choose precious stones like emerald, ruby, sapphire or you can even go in for coloured diamonds. Such kinds of rings lend a royal and unique charm to the wearer.

• Boulevard Ring: One of the most preferred and classy gold ring designs for men is the boulevard ring. The stone setting is perfect for a casual or office wear and looks trendy too. You can never go wrong with this pattern because if your man loves to be at par with the latest trend and fashion, this stylish and unique style will become an ideal addition to his collection of accessories.

Now that you know what kind of rings are suitable for men, treat your man to one of these rings, a gift that he will cherish forever!

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