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Easy Ways To Make Lasting Impressions

Every individual has experienced situations of being present at parties, get together or events where they hardly know anyone. They keep trying to see at least one familiar face, who would acknowledge their presence in the room. The experience is not a happy one. Learning techniques to make your presence felt will help in a big way.

According to experts, there may be many whom you may want to meet and be friends with. They suggest the following steps to make a lasting impression:

Be updated

Be updated about the popular topics that are in gossip recently. You should be able to participate and add to the conversation. Most people at meetings or parties fail to make an impact because they do not know what and when to talk. Politically based topics should be avoided as they may turn conversations into heated arguments. So, avoid talking about ‘politics’.

Take the initial step

Instead of responding or acknowledging the smiles or answering silent messages, try smiling and sending feelers around. Once you see a person returning your smile or nods to your smile. Take the cue. You are allowed to go over and converse. The acquaintance may transform to thick friendship.

Unique introduction

Instead of mentioning your name, qualification and profession, try to be suggestive. This will make the person or group curious to know more and help to keep the ball (conversation) rolling.

Seem focused

Every individual has faced situation, when the person conversing with him is not totally attentive. The situation can be quite painful. Be discreet in looking elsewhere. Ignore the call signals of your mobile. Make the person you are talking to feel important and that you are all ears to them.

Be involved

While talking, share details about self. Though, finding out details about them is important, make sure that you don’t appear as an interviewer or intruding. Share a bit of info about yourself. Be concerned but not inquisitive. Keep the conversation flowing and interesting.

Once you have learn all the aspects of being impressive, making an impact is easy.

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