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Ek Or Anek? Family Planning Techniques You Need To Know

Generations change and so does the meaning of family planning. Ask your granny how many siblings they were and you will be surely surprised by the count which starts from a minimum 5. Eight brothers and sisters, 9 siblings, and so on. Slowly, as the newer generation came in, I Mean our parents, the count got automatically reduced to 3 or 4, but not more than that. And finally, with us making the new generation, the story has changed further. Half of us not wanting kids and half not wanting more than 1 kid. Hum ek, Humara Ek. And contributing to this highly controlled situation are the various Birth Control techniques that are opted by couples to stay out of the nostalgic situation of having an unwanted or rather Unplanned child.

There are many queries that you can ask your doctor or gynecologist in order to have a happy and healthy life, with a proper family planning solution. So, if you don’t want to end up getting pregnant while at the peak of your career or have financial issues to face rather than facing a new member in your family, here are certain really positive birth control techniques you should consider.

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The Birth Control Pills

Designed for Women, these birth control pills can save you from getting pregnant if you don’t want to plan a child at the given time. However, these pills manipulate your hormonal system and are advised not to be consumed on a regular basis. So, talk to your gynecologist before you start taking up these pills.

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condomsMale & Female Condoms

The male and female condoms are majorly used as a contraceptive measure. They are inexpensive and they are the best ways to protect you from any STD’s. They are almost 82% effective in controlling your family planning.

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cervical cap

Sponge With Spermicide

This is also know as “Diaphragm” and has a flexible cup that is inserted by the doctors to block the sperms from entering the uterus. The dome shaped cup covers the cervix of the vagina. However, it is not advisable for women suffering from breast cancer or HIV+ to use this contraceptive measure. This is 88% effective in preventing women from getting pregnant.

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contraceptive patch

Contraceptive Patch OR Rings

This is a combination pill method. The patch is a small piece of plastic which can stick to you arms, back, stomach etc. It is a small and flexible device placed at the vagina and left for three weeks and for the other week it is taken out. This might cause skin infections with the women having delicate skin. It is not advisable for women suffering from blood pressure and migraine as it can create blood clots. This is 92% effective in restricting birth control.

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This is the most effective birth control technique. This is a Intrauterine device which is “T” shaped. Also known as ‘Copper T’ the device is inserted in the uterus by the doctors and can be kept in for 12 years. This is very much removable and allows the woman to become pregnant once she gets rid of it.

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With the awareness of your menstruation cycle, many partners use this method to prevent pregnancy. Partners do not look forward to intercourse when the chances are high for getting pregnant. This is not at all a good method of preventing pregnancy as the dates can fluctuate based on the cycle.

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