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Face Shape – A Guideline For Shopping

Abraham Lincoln (When he was not elected as a President) once was approached by a little girl, who told him, “Sir, you got a very ugly face.” This was not the first time that Mr. Lincoln got such a comment. So he replied, “Yes, it is true. I am an ugly person. I cannot help it. I was born this way.” On this the girl replied, “Of course! You can help yourself; like you can cover some part of your sunken cheeks by growing a beard and look like a leader too.” Mr. Lincoln was happy to receive some recommendation and from that instant, Mr. Lincoln started growing his beard.

Just like Mr. Lincoln, we all can enhance and groom our face to get a pleasant and charming look. We have heard about different body shapes and their solutions. Some common body shapes are triangle, ideal, inverted triangle, etc. Just like that, we have nine different types of face shapes. Out of 9, three are rounded and rests are angular.

Face Shapes

It is important to identify one’s face shape before going for a haircut, hairdo, eyebrow or buying accessories like earrings, sunglasses or neck-pieces. All the make-up artist are interested to understand the face shape of the client before taking a decision of countering, highlighting and blushing of areas of face. This is so, to create a balance look and make your features look sharp and defined.

Sometimes, the face features creates an illusion of different face shape and bring up a big time confusion. For example, a long nose on the small square face makes a face appear long. Hence, it is also important to notice the shape of features. This is done with taking details of minute understanding of shapes and features and consolidating it together before make-up or accessorizing.

Another thing that makes life confusing is the variety in each section like earrings, sunglasses and neck-pieces. It confuses a general person to decide what to buy. If a lay man understands one’s features and shape, it makes shopping easier and reduces the return product process. This is the reason, some of the sunglasses and spectacles selling stores have got a stylist or expert with them to identify the shape of the face, before recommending their products.

Men can get better understanding of their neckline and collar shape if they know more about their face shapes. So, friends, take a mirror notice what does your face look like; round or angular, which is the broadest area of the face, which feature looks very prominent and which need to be countered. Notice all before you remove money from the wallet.`

Image source: johnnyrodriguezsalon.com

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