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Are Father’s Given Equal Importance Compared To Mothers?

We have often heard that fathers are close to their daughters and mothers are close to their sons and vise versa but how transparent is this? Maybe you would say yes, that’s clear as mentioned but don’t you think mothers are given more importance when it comes to appreciating on things like social responsibilities taken, caring for the family or being lovingly emotional on every sad or happy moments! Heck yes, She is!

Mother! We all know mother is the source of emotions and thus we are more connected to her, she deserves that love from us and every one of us. But what about Fathers? Why there’s an impeccable hype on mother’s day and in comparison almost nothing on Father’s day? We understand mother brought us to this world after surpassing immense pain, torture, life changes and what not? But is that less important, that there was always a man who stood by her side, woke up for nights during your mother’s labor pain? He was your father! He is no less than a Hero!

Indian Adverts, especially the FMCG category Television commercial has nothing but a mother and son/daughter relationship as their limelight. Why? Do they think fathers do not want their children to be healthy or hygienic? Or Fathers are unaware about the fact that his daughter is matured now and would be requiring a good menstruation protection for a better hygiene. Why is it always a mother and a daughter showing the society the right product to use. Not necessarily in every family, a daughter is lucky to have her mother around all the time! Be it Surf Excel – Daag Acche hai, Bournvita, Clinic Plus, Maggi, Dettol and many more that induces a feeling of father being home away, mother’s are the only ones looking after every routine aspects. No that’s not true! Indian adverts, please do not induce a notion of mothers only take care of their children and the family.

Let’s not forget father is the motivational person at home, who manages to keep his emotions to himself at the times of crisis and at the same time manages to tackle your issues and demands, without even letting you know something wrong has happened. This does not mean mothers lack behind, even they do but we know mothers will react instantly and are very emotional. He’s the one who balances the required environment needed for a child to grow into a gentle man and a wise lady. He is the one who is strict in his decisions and the goals you have decided for yourself, but when he is with your mother, he might ask, “Aaj maine jyaada hi daant diya baccho ko?” and your mother would say, “Nahi, zaroori tha, koi nahi, kal subah unhe acche percentage per naya mobile promise kar denge.”  You may be thinking it’s your mother’s productive thought, but think deep, it’s the mutual decision of your father too.

Often there’s a heated argument between fathers and their young adult children for strictly disapproving any luxurious demands or for any desires which he seems not necessary. Mother’s at this point will agree to it, but remember: mother’s have a tender heart, who loves to see her child happy and thus she may agree to all your demand but a father will see the affect of his permissions to your demands; everything for our welfare. He believes a little clash right now will save my child from future hindrances.

Everyone has ups and downs in their lives, your mother may someday shed a tear of disappointment but he is your father, who would put his hand on your shoulder, hug you hard and say, “Chinta mat kar beta, main hu tumhare saath!” He makes sure you take your responsibilities at the right time the right way. Not demotivating those mothers who have given their weight in raising their children, it’s just that I want to say, even fathers can cook a delicious dinner for you, even he can advise you for healthy lifestyle, fathers can even get his little child ready for school provided he is given a chance to and provided we change the notion that it’s always mothers! Fathers are as loving as our mothers, the only difference is we see those too upfront care taking nature of mother which makes us ignore that silent love our fathers have!

So, this Father’s Day, Let’s celebrate it as done before and let the world know that we love our parents equally. Let Father’s rule the social media ( Though all the days are parents day) Happy Father’s Day!

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