Festival Fitness: Happy Diwali Is A Healthy Diwali!

While the joy of the upcoming festivities fills you with anticipation and excitement, does your worry of weight gain dull that sparkle in your eye? Worry not, because we’re here to help you sail through the season worry free.
So sit back, relax and read on to know how you can make this Diwali, a healthy one.

  • Keep it regular
    Eating at regular intervals keeps your metabolism revved up. So however busy you are with entertaining guests or visiting folks over the season, try and stick to mini-meals rather than large meals at one go.
  • Healthy snacking
    We understand that Diwali spells ‘fried foods’. While fried snacks are on the menu everywhere you go visiting, you could start the healthy trend, by preparing baked or maybe even air fried foods. Dry fruits are also an extremely healthy option and add to the richness of the season. After all change begins at home!
  • Keep that body moving
    Festive seasons most often than not come in the way of your regular schedule. Late nights, heavy meals, lots of snacking and the list can go on. But exercise is the one thing to stick to no matter how busy you may be. Yes, you’d find lesser time to exercise. But even a 20 minute run could go a long way in helping you manage your weight during the season.

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  • Stay with the flow
    Liquids are another thing that you must stick to during the season. Drinking lots of water, juices, buttermilk, lime sherbets will ensure that you’re always high on energy and not hungry with all the festive running about. This in turn prevents you from mindlessly popping those yummy mithais in your mouth.
  • Pre-dinner
    Loads of dinner party invites are inevitable during the festive season. And while you can ensure that your food consists of less fried, more baked and other such healthy foods, you cannot be sure your hosts would do the same. The best way to tackle this is to have a mini-meal at home before you set out to a party. A nice dalia salad or some freshly cooked poha/chivda could do the trick here, thus leading you to eat smaller portions at the actual dinner.
  • Stay low on spirits
    Yes, keeping yourself hydrated is important, but it would be best to steer clear from alcohol during the season. Not only will this ensure lesser calorie intake but it will also help you enjoy the festival better. So this Diwali, stay low on the alcoholic spirits and high on the festive one!

Remember, let nothing dull your sparkle, especially not during the season of lights. Go by our easy to follow tips and stay high on the joy and low on the weight.

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