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10 Funny Things All To-Be Brides Think Before Marriage!

Women are the prettiest and funniest when they are counting their days to their most awaited day, wedding! The D-day comes with so many speculations and questions and weird thoughts, of course we have no doubt on that matter, it happens with everyone, it’s natural. If you are someone who is going to get married, be prepared for the storm of questions that you would ask to self or to your bestie/mother/sister and if you are already a married one, read these amazingly cutie putie thoughts that had hit your mind once:

Well, it isn’t necessary that these should strike each and every girl but this is in general, so do not hate me, take it light:

1.Because I am So Special!

Indian Wedding - 1

Will everyone be waiting for my entry in the Mandap? Is that true? Omg.. omg !!

2. Break The Limit!

Indian Wedding - 2
I will not smile, infact try not to crack a joke while rituals in Mandap. How can I do that for more than an hour? It’s insane!

3. It’s Camera After All!

Indian Wedding - 3
I will control myself not to stand up and pose when camera’s will be flashing during any marriage rituals!! Uff, it’s difficult.

4. It Has To Get Off Anyway!

 Indian Wedding - 4
Should I buy lingerie for the first night or that doesn’t really make any difference? Hahahaha

5. The Right Question!

What if I wake up late the next morning at in-laws? I will keep an early alarm… But what if I off that and sleep again? What will they think.. Oh.. God..!

6. Hmm, No Comments, Uh wait, how about inner part?

Indian Wedding - 6
Should I let him bite me and should I make little Hickey on his neck? Will that be ok if someone has a look on it?

7. That Depends!

Indian Wedding - 7
Will my mother-in-law really ask me to prepare an Indian Dessert the next morning? Or it’s just the bloody serials spoiling my mood?

8. Because I Am The Bride!

Indian Wedding - 8
Who would look more attractive on the wedding day? I want to.. I will of course!

9. What if? Or its cool nowadays!

Indian Wedding - 9

ill I cry after the wedding? What if I am too excited that I am married now… and wont even show a little pity to my crying parents?

10. Whom To Ask? Husband? Not Really.. LOL

How many times in a day should we really have sex? Should I ask my friend or read about it?

Indian Wedding - 10


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