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5 Genius Breastfeeding Accessories For A Healthy Baby And Mother!

This week we are marking the WORLD BREASTFEEDING WEEK 2016, which is unquestionably important to the living kind. In order to spread the awareness of breastfeeding, the world is united to exchange knowledge spread across the vast globe, and so Women Planet is also doing its bit.

“Breastfeeding is not only the cornerstone of a child’s healthy development; it is also the foundation of a country’s development.” – Read the UNICEF & WHO WBW Message

Breastfeeding is natural, though it is highly considered sexual let’s not forget it feeds the human babies and it’s not an easy task. The child may latch the breast as a trained master to suck the milk, but it is not all goody goody feeling to the new mother. She’s a new mother, she might be not aware of how things work and thus she needs someone elder to guide and if not then she needs genius Breastfeeding accessories which can reduce the challenges.

There’s always a traditional way of fighting a challenge however, in a modern world it is also important to keep in mind that Joint families have been in decrease and hence you need modern technology for a quick relief. Here are some that could assist your feeding challenge:

1. Nipple Shield

Nipple Shield

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When it hurts to nurse, (it does if you are a first timer) use these shield that can form a barrier between you and your baby’s mouth. This is made of Silicon, making it easy for your child to suck and reducing your pain.

2. Breast Shells

Breast Shells

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If your nipple is inverted, yes this can be a little problem. Breasts comes in all sizes and its nipples too! For women who have flat nipples, it becomes harder for a baby to grab them and thus these breast shells are at rescue. Wear them when you are not feeding, even when you are baby is not even born so that the nipple can be pulled out by the time your little one is born.
However, an advise: wear them only when you are at home.

3. Breast Pump

Breast Pump

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Inadequate sleep can give you stress and can also disturb your new changes after hitting the motherhood and hence Breast pump is a blessing. It is not just for working mothers but for women at home too. Pump some breast milk, then keep it in the refrigerator and when your baby is hungry in the night, let his/her daddy do his part now.

4. Natural Nurser

Natural Nurser

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May be it’s time for you to relieve yourself from breastfeeding, not just because your baby is too old to feed on you breast milk but also because you are tired. Confuse your child with this super soft boob like Nurser, which he/she would consider as a breast and show no more tantrums to take in.

5. Cotton Nursing Pads

Cotton Nursing Pad

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It is a little embarrassing for you leak out from the shirt, showing the milk spot that would not even disappear when dried. Use Cotton nursing pads!! Place it on your nipples after wearing bra to avoid leakage. You can wash it and reuse again and again.

There are also gel pads which are used when you feed less and your breast pain as they are full. These gel pads acts warm and cold and reduces the pain.

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