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Gifting Parenthood – Dr. Nayana Patel, A Blessing For Couples!

Parents are the reason we are able to enjoy this beautiful world. To be their kids under the shadow of selfless care is the greatest emotion surviving. Parents often tell us, “You will understand the anxiety, love and selflessness only when you have your own children”. Well, that holds true as I have seen cool couples going so careful and possessive about their kids. Feeling the parenthood is yet another emotion difficult to put in words; however, for several reasons many couples are aloof of parenthood. People who are aware of the modern technology are blessed with children though physically not fit. Yes, surrogacy is an option and there are Doctors who are ready to assist you at each step. Read here:

Dr. NaynaShe never wanted to be a doctor, her aspiration was to become an Officer at Indian Administrative Service. It was her mother’s strong wish to see one of her children to become a reputed Doctor, thus opted MBBS and this way Anand received a Doctor with a golden heart. Dr. Nayana Patel is responsible for happiness across the world. She is the catalyst or a reason bring a smile on hundreds of parents faces in India and in countries around the world.

Dr. Nayana Patel, a charismatic women in her 50’s has brought Anand, Gujarat, on the world map with a good note. Director at Akanksha infertility and IVF clinic at “KAIVAL hospital ” in Anand, she has come forward to give a helping hand with modern techniques to many infertile couples. “A couple from UK triggered the change in my career. The indian origin lady had issues with normal uterus, her father-in-law requested me to find a surrogate and  I couldn’t agree as that wasn’t my field. Later one lady from Delhi was ready for surrogacy but backed out. The lady’s mother-in-law from UK was ready for surrogacy; however, found diabetic. It was very tough for us to convince woman’s mother who was healthy at 46. I saw immense happiness in a family  when they could have their own child through Surrogacy and this inspired me.” And since then there was no looking back for Dr. Nayana.

In the beginning, finding a surrogate in India where people may look down upon surrogacy technique was immensely tough. Ms. Patel had undergone struggles as hard as stone. It required lots of convincing. She use to sit with women explaining the Science behind it, it’s procedure, why they do it, how both the parties are beneficial and what not.

Surrogacy is a blessing for both the parties, the couple and the surrogates. The couple gets their own child, living the life of a parents and surrogates money for which is majorly the reason of involvement. Dr. Patel makes the blessings go real.


Dr. Nayana Patel has an International recognition, not that she has delivered 952 children through surrogates adding smiles to hundreds but because of the achievements added to her success kitty. What defines her is listed below.

  • Dr. Nayna Patel has passed her MBBS and MD with five gold medals.
  • The first successful transnational surrogacy case of India where a South Korean couple’s IVF baby was delivered by an Indian surrogate in Feb 2007 is credited to her.
  • She has to her credit Asia’s FIRST & World’s FIFTH case of surrogate grandmother who delivered on 18/01/2004.
  • BBC has done a 30 minutes documentary on IVF center, hospital & detailed interview of the Dr. Nayana
  • Oprah Winfrey Show, the highest rated talk show has shown Dr.Nayna Patel’s work on 9/10/07 “Womb of the world” a documentary aired by National Geographic Channel
  • On 8th March a book written by Mr. Karshan Bhadarka on Nayna Patel’s work – “Asha Nu Antim Kiran” was launched English book “The Last Ray of Hope” was launched in July 2009.

She is blessed to have multiple National and International Media publications covered her inspiring work. Currently she has 97 surrogates living in two two storied bungalows and everyone loves her for who she is. Dr. Nayana has a message to the society “Any new medical innovation is for a social cause, so people need to accept the modern medical procedures to be the part of happiness. Those who are unfortunate to have a baby are happy to get a child genetically and those who are unfortunate to even have a one time meal gets enough money through surrogacy. It’s a happy ending both the ways. I am just a catalyst to make it happen. Society should not be rigid on their views on certain beliefs but need to accept the new inventions in a positive way”.

Dr. Nayana, her team combined with modern technology is a blessing for couples who are are unable to produce an offspring. Doctors like her in every city, state or a country are there to make people live the most responsible and selfless relationship. Be a Happy Parent! Happy Parents Day!

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