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How To Give Your Makeup Kit The Perfect Summer Upgrade?

So, it’s that time of the year, when the heat is unforgiving and the sun is beating down on us.

That does not mean we go without our makeup. In fact there is plenty of wonderful colors and trends to follow. But before we start on that we must remember to keep ourselves well hydrated and well protected from the sun. Eating fruits and vegetables will definitely help, drinking water will keep you and your skin well hydrated. Also, a good body scrub to exfoliate! Is a summer must have. Apart from these basic routines, here are a few tips to give your summer makeup a refreshing upgrade.

Your Summer Makeup kit Upgrades

Choose the Right Tinted Moisturiser With SPF: One thing that is essential for our summer makeup kit is a good Sunscreen. Use one that suits your skin type. Apply it 30 mins before you step out. Make sure to reapply as and when needed. If lazing on a beach, get one that has a higher SPF and a waterproof one. There are tons of sunscreens in the market, so go grab one! Use a tinted moisturizer, this will give you an even glow without it feeling and looking too heavy on your skin. If you feel like going nude, just invest in a good highlighter! This will define your face and give it a gorgeous glow. Using a liquid blush or cheek tint that will give you a very pretty dewy and fresh look, go ahead and try one.

eye makeupSummer Lipstick Shades with SPF – Keep your lips well moisturized, use a tinted lip balm or wear a lip balm under your lipstick. Make sure they don’t look chapped and dry. You can also get one with a SPF in it. Most often when your lips feel too dry it’s because of lack of water in your body, so keep a bottle handy and keep drinking! Add some colored lip balm, a perfect summer look! Use bright colors, ditch the red lipstick and use mauves, wines and oxblood, these are colors that have been doing the rounds in the red carpet.

Eye Makeup – Use products that will stay in place and wont smudge or move due to sweat, wear long wear eyeliners, liquid or gel ones or a waterproof pencil. Ones that will stay in place for hours. Instead of a black use colors like brown, grey, green or any color that you fancy!  Another trend that has taken over the red carpet is two toned eye colors, use colored mascaras and bold eye shadows, applying a color opposite to your eye color will make your eyes pop. Try using a green mascara or a blue eyeliner. Use eye shadows like aubergine, amethyst, browns etc!

Make sure to paint your toe nails as it’s the season for flipflops and open toes!

Be bold, stay cool and enjoy the sun.

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