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The Good, The Bad and The Slightly Messy: Period Sex

Sex is natural, normal, essential and one of the greatest pleasures that life offers us. Having said that there are a lot of social do’s and don’ts that govern this natural instinct. How many of us, do you think, consider getting physically involved during the periods / mensturation? Surely, when you think of, it leaves a lot of people feelingnasty. Contrary to the popular beliefthat sex during periods is a taboo, it is actually therapeutic and safe to get involved in the intimate activity during periods. There are a lot of social, religious and spiritual practices that discourage intercourse during menstruation. Such practices are rooted in spiritual beliefs but not the biological ones.

Periods often bring with them menstrual cramps and premenstrual symptoms like mood swings etc. and women will generally think that the pain will worsen if they have sex during this time. Hormones, endorphins and stress buster chemicals that get released after having sex and orgasms actually help in improving menstrual cramps. Some may be scared about catching an infection during periods, or may worry about how it will affect one’s health while others may be put off, thinking it will be too messy. There is no denying the fact that it’s messy but it actually offers a few advantages.  Experts have a different take on this topic and encourage having sex any day even when you have periods. Mentioned below are few benefits of period sex:


1)    Respite from the Deadly Stomach Cramps: Many women hate periods as it brings along unbearable stomach cramps and pain that leave them drained during the monthly cycle. Around the time of periods prostaglandins are released by the body and these cause the cramps. Orgasms reduce the number of prostaglandins and hence reduce the cramping pain. Additionally, the oxytocin and endorphins released during an orgasm acts as painkillers and reduce the period pains.

2)    Helps in reducing the number of days in periods: Getting intimate during your periods reduces the number of days and make your periods shorter. Muscle contractions during the intercourse push out the blood from the uterine cavity faster thus resulting in shortening of periods.

3)    Excellent Lubrication: For sex to be satisfying for both partners, the vagina needs to be well lubricated with secretions. During menses, the vagina secretes more mucous, this mucous in addition to the blood being expelled from the uterus makes the vagina very well lubricated.These secretions act as natural lubricants, giving a more intimate and cherishedexperience.

4)  Boosting the Sex Drive:  During periods, the hormonal levels in your body dance up and down. The testosterone in your body shoots up causing an increased urge for having sex. Additionally, what works in one’s favour is that the eggs in the ovary have not started growing, yet the progesterone hormone is very low and the lining of the womb is shedding itself, hence the risk of pregnancy is nil. So, sex during this period can be without the fear and stress of an unwanted pregnancy. A word of caution, sperm can stay alive inside the woman’s body for up to 7 days. If you indulge in sex at the very end of the period, the sperm may still be alive to fertilise an egg that is released in the fertile period. Hence if you wish to avoid a pregnancy, its best to use condoms even if having period sex.

5)    Helps with period migraine- Period sex is known to reduce the frequency and severity of migraine attacks during the periods. Studies have shown that 80% women that suffer with headaches during periods say they are benefited if they have sex during this time.

6)  Infections and Period Sex- Condoms will also protect the female partner against infections as the susceptibility of infections during periods is slightly higher. The male partner’s risk of infection is not higher because you are menstruating unless you already suffer an infection.

7)   Dos and Don’ts of period sex – A lot of women don’t think or feel sexy during periods. The key to enjoying good period sex is good communication with your partner. Communicate your apprehensions and areas of discomfort e.g sore breasts. Don’t worry about the mess, use ample towels to protect the bed / couch etc. these can always be washed later on. If the prospect of a laundry load is too much, menstrual caps / discs are available. These help in holding the bleeding and can be kept in place for around 12 hours and are great for a mess free period sex. Most people will worry about a safe position for period sex, any position that you and your partner are comfortable with is ok.

So, don’t let those five or so days put a halt to your sex life. Many will vouch that the best sex they have had is period sex.

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