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Green Coffee V/S Black Coffee: What Is Better?

The growing trend of fitness is taking the gyms by a storm and everyone is trying a new hack to help with the body transformation.

People are moving towards an organic living and want to switch to freshly grown produce be it in fruits, vegetables and even in their choice of beverages, a huge population is switching to green coffee instead of regular roasted coffee.

While green tea has also become a viable option, caffeine is something everyone needs in their day to day lives. But consuming more than 500-600 mg of caffeine may lead to restlessness, indigestion and insomnia. So, one must keep a check on his/her caffeine in-take to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Green Coffee Health

Now let’s come down to the main question– Green coffee or Black coffee: Which coffee is healthier and more beneficial?

Green coffee beans are unroasted coffee beans and when these beans get roasted, brown coffee is obtained. The roasting of coffee beans destroy its vital weight loss compound known as “Chlorogenic Acid”. Thus, the coffee prepared using roasted coffee beans has aroma and also taste quite well. But the caffeine content also gets increased in the coffee with the roasting process. This is the reason why drinking regular brown coffee won’t help when you are looking for health benefits such as weight loss.

The caffeine content in a single serving of a regular brown coffee can be as high as 100mg, which means you cannot consume it frequently during the day. On the other hand, the green coffee contains just 20mg of caffeine for same quantity of serving. That means you can consume up to 5 servings of green coffee and at the same time lose weight as compared to just 1 serving of regular brown coffee. Therefore, green coffee can be considered as a better and healthier alternative to the regular brown coffee.

So all in all, green bean coffee has way more advantages than the roasted brown coffee because, in the end, it’s all about getting the most amount of nutrition from what we consume.

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