He Couldn’t Walk When He Came In, Chiropractic Made Him Walk Out Himself : Dr. Natasha

On an usual day I went to a clinic in order to collect data I required on a particular topic I was working on. When I entered a clinic I saw a little girl almost 2-3 year old sitting next to her relative on a swing. Something wasn’t normal, she was beautiful, innocent but she consistently kept her head down and hands folded with palms fisted inwards. She was quiet unlike those notorious kids. When I said hello to the little girl, she looked above with a sleek smile and immediately looked down silently.

On waiting for the Doctor to come, I couldn’t stop myself and asked Harshaben, the little girl’s mother about why is her daughter sitting so calm and not active? She said with a sad smile, “When Vaishnavi was born she had an epileptic attack to which her hands were folded and one side of the body part couldn’t balance without the support. Earlier she never lifted her head when called upon, but now since 12 days she is.” “All thanks to Dr. Natasha Patel”.

Dr. NatashaDr. Natasha is a Chiropractic Doctor who was born and brought up in Canada. Chiropractors are doctors, who specialize in diagnosis and treatment of disorders of neuromusculoskeletal system and their effects on physical health. On the realization that Natasha’s origin country India needs more attention, she has a clinic built up in Vadodara, Gujarat. She also has been credited to have traveled cities with group of other Doctors from USA to treat people for no cost, organized by Ananta Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic, Vadodara.

The Health Mission was spread across three cities Mumbai, Vadodara and Ahmedabad. The 8 days mission treated people in villages, tribal villages, low socio economic villages, Jail, Baroda Citizen’s Council and Gandhi Ashram. Her experience at every location they visited left them speechless with great support from people and also the effects of the treatment seen. To this Dr. Natasha said,” There was a group called Moved by love, which was always there to help, not only the chiropractic, helping with the patients but also they did counselling for our smile cards, a small initiative for awareness and fundraising”.

This group of almost 10 doctors performed Meditation with 100 women in Nandesari. Dr. Natasha shares her interesting cases where she felt overwhelmed for being responsible for happiness and smiles of people’s faces: “During our visit to a city, a boy came in with someone’s support for the treatment, he couldn’t walk so we checked upon him did what the procedure requires in Chiropractic and I was amazed to see that he stood and went out walking himself wishing us a smileful thank you.”


“We worked with Baroda citizen’s Council, there were 250 differently abled children we worked with. Some of the children were begging their parents to take them to the clinic as they felt energised, full of life, less pain and less symptoms. Some walking and talking better with more concentration.”

“Harshaben and her husband live in Ahmedabad, they daily visit my clinic for Vaishnavi’s treatment. They travel 100 kilometers daily to me because they have noticed the change and the little one too, who is now able to move her limbs and head more efficiently than ever.” “We are looking for more energized effect.”

treatingWhat Exactly Chiropractic Doctors do?

“What we believe is that, It is not just chiropractic, it is about connecting to people. You are born with everything that you need to be functional, but as you develop the stress, the habits and different things that your body takes as stress, your body moves away from that 100% functional level. What we do is work with your spine, nerves becomes free again and the optimal flow of life works again”.

“Chiropractic is for everyone and that is the reason name ‘Ananta’. It’s not for pain, stress, symptoms, it’s for all those nerves which your brain and body has taken it, basically you have the unlimited source of life and potential in your body it’s upto you how you use, with chiropractic it becomes functional”.

Dr. Natasha Patel believes every disease either increases the energy or decrease the energy, through chiropractic balancing of energy becomes easier and effective. It’s not about pain, it is about working with life energy. She says, “Your life can go without food for 35 days, water without 6 days without air for 4 minutes but nervous system, energy, information, intelligence and electrical energy, you cannot live without it for a millisecond. Is the cell alive or not alive, it is as simple as that and there comes Chiropractic Wellness.”

Being one of the first Chiropractic Clinic’s in India and first in Gujarat, the clinic and her mission has very good patient records. Dr. Natasha is becoming a boon for people suffering physically and mentally without any side effects of medicines. This is again a great discovery achieved by medical science, hope it hampers many major diseases or illness through such doctors who believe in more smiles.

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