Flower Essence Therapy

Heal Yourself with the Help of a Flower Essence Practitioner

The earliest known medicines were derived from plants and flowers. Flower and plant extracts have been used for over 1000 years to heal people physically and mentally. With time, people accepted chemical compounds as mainstream medicines and moved plants and flowers to alternative medicine groups. The earliest record of healing people using flowers dates back to 1930s when an English homeopath, Dr. Bach, claimed that dews formed on flower petals could heal the body and the mind.

Although no substantial evidence was found supporting his claim, a lot of people who have undergone his treatment, which is popularly known as Bach Flower Remedy (BFR) said to have benefitted out of it. Bach extracted the essence from 38 different flowers and used it to heal people by casting out negative emotions like fear, hatred, worry, etc. This is a soothing therapy that can be taken alone or alongside some other treatment without any problem.

Flowers essentially help people to balance their energy and change their emotional state of mind. It’s a great therapy for people who deal with depression or anxiety. Flower essence practitioner is given hands-on training to help mentally troubled individuals get back their balance in life. People who undergo this therapy are given personalized flower blends based on their requirement. The duration of flower therapy varies from person to person. In extreme cases, a person may need to continue the therapy for a couple of months to reach the state of complete peace.

Flower therapy is safe for people of all age group including infants. Pregnant women, people recovering from major trauma or addiction can opt for this therapy for positive results. The therapy doesn’t affect your regular medicine intake, thus making it completely safe to follow. All flower essence practitioners are trained to handle patients with mental health problems as well. If you’re already undergoing rehab sessions for your mental health issues, you can use flower therapy as an alternative treatment to it.

By channeling all positive energy in your body and taking out the negative ones, this therapy helps you to gain back hope and the confidence that you might have lost due to some reason or another. The therapy is not only good for people with behavioral problems but also for healthy people without such issues. Flower therapy is also safe for a pet which makes it ideal for the entire family to practice.

Flower essence therapy also has the power to reverse bad habits and behavior in people and help them lead a better life. For children, this therapy acts as the real savior. Children with problems like bed-wetting, low concentration or tantrums can undergo this therapy to get rid of all the above issues. Adults with a history of violence or abuse can also try this therapy to control their actions and get back to leading a sober life.

The best part about this therapy is how all things change around you when you take this therapy from a professional flower essence practitioner. After a few sessions, you will notice that your mood begins to improve, you start being more productive at home and work, your anxiety and stress stay away all the time and you seem to start enjoying your life. If your entire family is practicing it, you can expect less chaos at home and a lot of happy family moments in the future.

In today’s world, when most people are running after complex medical treatment and surgeries, going for a natural and completely safe therapy like flower therapy can be the most effective solution that your body and mind are searching for. Once you realize the power of natural healing, you’d never want to go back to taking strong pills and medications again. Alternative medicine can sometimes prove to be more efficient than mainstream medical treatment, only if people realize its worth at the right time and start accepting it as a legit method to heal themselves.

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